Minutes of July 22, 2004 meeting

May Chin, Megan Doyle, Marc Forster, Priscilla Lee, Michele Tokar(recorder), Dave Warner, Nicole Warren, Paul Young
Ray Balter, Sal Cardinale, Will Torres
Barry Lipinski (training on Lost-Assumed)


1. Annual Report

The Annual report has been completed and the final draft will be posted to the LSM T drive where all members of the CFG can read it.

The Annual Report contains the following: systems issues that affected circulation functions, the many projects the CFG worked on, including the circulation survey, the training, new documentation, FAQs, and the borrower's database.

2. Goals For the Fiscal Year

The Group reviewed the goals for the fiscal year:

3. Training Documentation

This year the CFG will try to incorporate more training into the functional group and at staff meetings back at the units. The functional group discussed having smaller training sessions this year. The group thought this would create a more comfortable atmosphere for staff to ask questions. The group said it was best if participants could have some hands on experience during the training.

4. System issues

5. New billing procedure: Lost/Assumed with guest Barry Lipinski

The group moved from the staff lounge to the circulation desk of Kilmer Library. Barry Lipinski gave a training session on the new lost-assumed process. The group reviewed the lost-assumed process and reviewed a record in WorkFlows. It was particularly helpful to see how the Active versus Inactive screens worked.

11. Information Sharing

- Paul Young has started working at Alex.
- There will be a new graduate student intern.
- Andy has a new office on the third floor.
- There is new furniture in the atrium.
- Reserve lists are being processed for the fall.
- They are continuing to work on the Marc Holdings project.
- The reference collection was weeded.
- The current periodical section was shifted in order to open up more room for the current book collection.
- Chemistry is looking to weed more titles from the book collection.
- Penny started working at Douglass.
- Music library has 2 new reference librarians.
- The fire alarm recently went off at the Douglass library. There was no major damage or fire.
- Paul Young has started working at LSM.
- UMDNJ will be sending excel files to LSM this fall of all faculty/staff and students who are eligible for library cards at RUL.
- Dave Warner is still helping at Math.
- Both the weeding and Special Collections Project are still on going.
- The new fire inspector walked through LSM and said that some of the shelves and books were too close to the ceiling; state law requires 24 inches between objects and the ceiling. There is still an investigation going on. We are closely examining all related fire codes, as well as our options for a compliant facility.

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