Minutes of August 19, 2004 meeting

Ray Balter, Sal Cardinale, Megan Doyle, Marc Forster, Priscilla Lee, Michele Tokar(recorder), Dave Warner, Nicole Warren, Paul Young
May Chin, Will Torres
Penny Weniger (Douglas Library Supervisor I), Nita Mukherjee (RDS Functional Group Coordinator), L. Melanie Robinson(Math Library, Branch Manager), Melissa John (MLS intern)


The meeting began with introductions and a welcome to the guests in attendance.

1. Beta System

The testers are continuing to look at the BETA 2004 system. The testers have found that the properties are very important to setting up the wizards. The toolbars are very difficult to manage. The testers have released instructions for setting up toolbars.

2. System Issues

Downtime: There is no downtime planned for this year. There were no recommended indexing changes from IPAC (IRIS Public Access Committee). In addition, the server is so fast, if we did have indexing problems, this could be done in 24 hours.

Reserves: This fall reserves are going electronic. Paper copies will be kept on file but not for checkout. The group asked about UMDNJ users. UMDNJ users will continue to use materials in the library, but they will have to view them electronically now instead of in a paper copy.

3. Microfilm Policy

Michele and Nita have created a microfilm policy for circulating film and fiche within New Brunswick libraries. This policy is to be used only when a machine or printer is broken at one unit or the unit does not own any equipment. There are two policies. Michele is working on the policy for circulation and Nita is working on the RDS policy. These policies along with forms and belly bands for the film and fiche will be updated and made available on the Access web site.

4. Circulation Review: Registering New Users, Expiration Dates, RA cards, Lost-Replaced, VALE, White and Blue Library Cards

The CFG group reviewed the following circulation policies as a refresher before the beginning of the year.

Registering New Users:
The group reviewed the acceptable and unacceptable forms of ID.

Expiration Dates:
All expiration dates are set for one year; the guidelines are available at the bottom of the borrowers chart. The expiration default dates are set up correctly when registering new users.

RA Cards
All the information/directions for distributing RA cards is on the RA card application and on the primary borrowers chart. The application can be found on the libraries' web page under Staff Resources, Access Services, Forms.

Lost Replaced
Information on how to process lost replaced materials can be found on the Billing Power Point demonstration. This is available on the T-drive of every unit.

White and Blue Library Cards
The group reviewed when to use the plastic library cards and how to fill them out. All cards should be filled out with the name of the user or two names if it is an RA card and the status of the user (i.e., Alumni, RA, Community Borrower). These cards are not used often and all primary borrowers should have an RU Connection card (except RAs).

5. How Does Your Circulation Desk Look?

As the beginning of the school year approaches, it is a good idea for everyone to reexamine their circulation desk and make sure it is presentable to the public. Make sure there are enough brochures and information for the public.


UMDNJ is now issuing new digital IDs. There is often no room on the back of the ID for the Rutgers Library barcode. One alternative is to issue the white plastic library cards. We are looking into using the UMDNJ library barcode in our system.

The new agreement with UMDNJ is pending. Dave Warner will get an Access file this semester of users who are eligible for privileges with the library.

7. Information Sharing

Paul Young is working at Alex with the Government Documents Collection in his new position. The NJ rebinding project continues.
There have been a number water leaks at Alex due to problems with the pipes.
This is Melissa John's 3rd week at the Alexander Library. Melissa is attending the SCILS program and was awarded an internship with the libraries. She will be rotating through different departments of the libraries over the next 2 years.

Nicole Warren is preparing for new incoming student workers and updating the WebCT page for Chang.

Megan Doyle is currently working with the Collection Management Functional Group Coordinator and the reference librarian at Chemistry to weed the collection and rearrange shelving.

Collection Services:
Sal and other members of Collection Services have been going to Newark to brainstorm on solutions for MARC standardization.

There are a number of large scale collection management projects pending. Because of the Douglass Rationalization project there are a number of empty shelves in the collection which need to be reorgainized and redistributed within the entire Douglass Collection.
The new PCs in the RUCS computer labs do not have A drives (This is true at LSM as well).

2nd floor ceiling tiles fell. Facilities was contacted and they are going to replace the tiles.
The Community Police officer for Busch campus will give a presentation at LSM on 8/25/04 at 3PM. This presentation will include a review of emergency procedures.
Paul Young has started working at LSM with the Government Document Collection: there is a lot of m-fiche and film to be re-shelved and he is looking at making some minor shifts in the collection.

Melanie Robinson, new Branch Manager at the Math library, is reorganizing the bulletin board, circulation desk, and office space. She is preparing for the new students and still getting acclimated to all the circulation procedures.

Next Meeting - Thursday, September 16th

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