Minutes of October 21, 2004 meeting

May Chin, Marc Forster, Priscilla Lee, Rita Post, Michele Tokar(recorder), Will Torres, Dave Warner, Penny Weniger, Paul Young
Ray Balter, Nicole Warren
Jazmine Faherty


1. Flash Drive Sales

Beginning November 1st, the following four units will sell Flash Drives and CDs: Alex, Douglass, Kilmer, and LSM. Douglass and Kilmer will sell these during all operating hours. Alex and LSM will sell these when Imaging Services is closed. The libraries decided to sell these items after they learned the computer labs in the libraries no longer had "A" drives for discs. Imaging Services has been selling the Flash Drives and CDs since October 1st.

2. Downtown Coordination

The group discussed the current method for charging and discharging items following an extended downtime. The following is an outline of an improved plan that the group thought might work. (The current form and directions are available on the NBL webpage under Access, Functional Groups, documentation)

This plan will be shared with the Coordinator's Group.

3. RU Connection Cards

It was recently discovered that a patron had multiple RU Connection Cards. The patron had in fact altered one RU Connection card to work with a fake drivers license they had created. This was discovered when the patron accidentally handed circulation staff the fake RU Connection card and wanted to check out books. The name online and the name on the card did not match. If this happens, circulation staff should take away the RU Connection cards and call the RU Connection card office immediately. The patron should be instructed to go to the RU Connection card office. If the patron refuses to hand over the cards, you may call RUPD. RU Connection cards are considered State ID's.

Part-Time Lecturers receive RU Connection cards that say "Limited Privileges". The words "Limited Privileges" do not effect Library privileges. This is for recreational services.

4. Patron Dataload Problems

Former employees of the University (Type 4) who are now students may have some problems with their University records. The explanation for this is as follows: The payroll department or administrative department from their old affiliation at Rutgers has not cleared their old status. The only thing we can do is to recommend they contact their former department and ask for a paper ADR form to update the address or to ask that they be taken off payroll. Be aware that these patrons may have address problems.

5. Beta Testing

Although many staff are not comfortable with the new system, it is important that we continue to test and annotate any problems we have with the system so that these concerns may be passed along to SIRSI. A few glitches were recenly found:

6. Manual Online

Michele distributed pages of the manual to each member of the CFG. Functional Group members are responsible for editing and adding more information to the document. These changes will be posted to the online manual.

7. "How to Register Patrons" (Hands-on Review at the Circulation Desk)

The functional group went to the circulation desk at the Kilmer Library and reviewed "How to register a new patron". The group discussed acceptable and unnacceptable IDs. The group discussed the best way to search for a user online, avoiding the use of a SSN. The group then created a new user together.

8. Information Sharing

A pipe burst on the CAC and disrupted traffic patterns outside the library.
There is a M-film shift in Government documents.

The staff are processing and shelving the abundance of weeded materials from LSM and Special Collection transfers from LSM.

Two training sessions are being offered at the Douglass Library on how to use the microfilm machines.
A patron at the Douglass Library wanted to use a different name for their online Reserve records than the name that was on their RU Connection card and in their online record in WorkFlows. This patron became argumentative and insisted that they wanted their name changed. Library staff felt uncomfortable with doing this. This topic will be brought to the Coordinator's Group.

The Weeding project is still in progress.
The old HVAC system has been removed from the parking lot.
A fire door alarm went off in the stairwell that leads into the Special Collections room. The alarm could not be heard at the circulation desk. This is being followed up by the Building Security Group. In the meantime, a sign has been posted on the door so patrons will not exit from this door.

Next Meeting - Thursday, November 18th, 2:30pm

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