Minutes of November 18, 2004 meeting

May Chin, Marc Forster, Priscilla Lee, Rita Post, Michele Tokar, Will Torres, Dave Warner, Nicole Warren, Penny Weniger, Paul Young
Will Torres, Paul Young


1. Coordination of Downtowm Procedures

The CFG discussed the calling chain as part of the coordination of downtime procedures. It was decided that LSM should call the 3 other large units (Alex, Kilmer, and Douglass), as well as Alcohol studies. The other 3 large units would continue the calling chain. Here is a tentative draft of the calling chain:

The libraries at the end of the calling chain should call back to LSM. These libraries would be Math, Art, and the Annex.

2. Wizard Documentation Review

After asking the RDS group to review the wizard documentation that the CFG worked on for the manual, the CFG reviewed their comments. The CFG determined that all of the hold wizards did not need to be included in the manual, but that a few of the holds wizards should be included and would be useful at the circulation desk. The wizards which should be included are: Remove Item Holds, Modify Item Holds, Display User Hold, Display Item Hold. The wizards would be used for the following reasons: To view the holds on a users record (remembering that PALCI and ILS only show up once the item has arrived at a Rutgers Library, and articles never appear here, only in Self- Services) To view, add, or modify multiple "In-House Use" holds on an item, to remove a hold a patron no longer wants (only if the item is at the pick-up location), and to change the pick-up location of a hold (only if the hold is already at a pick-up location).

3. Review - How to Remove an Academic Hold at the Circ Desk

The group discussed the proper procedures for removing an academic hold at the circulation desk. The importance of filling out the form correctly was discussed as was adding or deleting pubnotes online.

4. Other

Michele ran a report of all the RA cards in the system. There were a total of 188 records. Paul Young is checking the records to make sure the e-mail addresses have been added correctly.

UMDNJ and Rutgers have been working towards a new agreement. Currently LSM and ALEX have new lists of students to work off of. When the agreement is finalized, more details will be announced. Dave Warner is working on a clean up project for the UMDNJ users.

CFG members asked, should we ask for a picture ID with and alumni card? Michele will look into this.

An RU Connection card was recently presented by a patron that had no barcode on the back and no strip either. Michele will call the RU Connection office to find out about this.

5. Information Sharing

As midterms approach a lot of units said students are calling out.

Lost 2 workstudy students and gained 5.

The sensitizer and elevator broke this week.. Both are being repaired.

LSM: Reserve lists are coming in more frequently.
There were eggs thrown onto the windows outside LSM.

The group will have a Holiday luncheon for their next meeting. The group is deciding on a location and day.

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