Minutes of January 27, 2005 meeting

Joseph Asaro, Marc Forster, Priscilla Lee, Rita Post, Michele Tokar(recorder), Dave Warner, Nicole Warren, Penny Weniger, Chiaki Yamada, Paul Young
May Chin, Will Torres


The group welcomed new members Joseph Asaro and Chiaki Yamada.

1. CFG Purpose Statement

The group reviewed the CFG purpose statement. The group thought the statement covered the basic purpose of the group, however, the group thought the sentences were a little long. The group also thought the language used should be more dynamic and emphasize the importance of more staff education and user education. Dave Warner and Nicole Warren offered some written variations on the purpose statement. Michele will incorporate these suggestions and present the draft to the group and the Assistant Head of Access Services.

2. Downtime Coordination

The revision of the Downtime Coordination Directions and calling chain are complete. This will be posted on the NBL website under Circulation Functional Group Documents.

3. RU Connection Card and Blue/White Library Card Document

There are currently 2 documents in progress to be posted on the NBL webpage. The Ru Connection Card document will include some photos of RU Connection card IDs, who gets an RU Connection card, who does not get an RU Connection card, address, webpage, and phone information for the RU Connection card office, as well as other IDs that we might see at the circulation desk. The Blue/White library card document will explain which users get which card and how to fill out these cards. (Michele asked for a volunteer to work on a directory of evening and weekend staff, their duties, and hours.)

4. UMDNJ: What is New

Dave Warner spoke to the group about the changes with UMDNJ registration and borrowing within RUL, New Brunswick. The changes are as follows:

All UMDNJ users should be registered at LSM or Alex. If a UMDNJ user wishes to register at another unit, please call LSM or Alex.

5. RA Users Report Project

Paul Young volunteered to work on a cleanup project for RA records online. Michele ran a report of RA users in the system. The total number of users was 188 including NBL, Camden, and Newark. Out of the 188 users, approximately 36 e-mail records were entered incorrectly. These records were fixed so that both the faculty member and the RA would receive e-mail notification.

6. Training Review

Removing Holds From Lost/Paid and Lost/Replaced Items, Confidentiality, Recall Fines at the Circulation Desk, How to Instruct a Patron on How to Update Their Address (Homework Assignment)

7. Remote Access

The group discussed how the new remote access was working out. So far, everyone has received only a few questions at the circulation desk. The group was curious to see how things would work for UMDNJ users once the barcode/pin option was turned off for the Rutgers population who are eligible for remote access. The group was hoping to get a copy of the Power Point training document for Remote Access.

8. Information Sharing

There are many Reserve Lists to be procesed. Paul is still working on Gov. Doc shifts.

Training new student employees. Very busy with Reserves. There was a small fire in the building in a trash can. They are still having problems with their furnace.


Collection Services:

Chiaki is training a few new student workers. They have about 30 student workers in total.

They have a lot of Reserves still to process. Asuncion is back.

Many Reserves lists are coming in. Joseph is learning a lot of new information. Paul is still working an a shift in Gov Docs at LSM. One of the voucher student workers at LSM lost all their belongings in a fire to their home. Marc Forster is taking up a collection to help them buy clothing, etc.

Next Meeting - February 17th, 2005

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