Minutes of April 21, 2005 meeting

Rita O'Donnell, Joe Asaro, Priscilla Lee, Michele Tokar(recorder), Paul Young, May Chin, Mike Mansouri, Dave Warner, Marc Forster, Matt Spaventa, Nicole Warren.
Judy Gardner


The group welcomed new members: Mike Mansouri and Matt Speventa.
The group welcomed Guest visitor Judy Gardner

1.Professor's request to close an RA account - standard letter response

Recently at LSM, a professor had called and said their RA would no longer be working with them. The Professor said they would like to have all the books transferred from the RA card onto their own personal account. The group thought it would be best to send a letter of confirmation and get the professor's signature. Jeff Teichmann from Alex shared a letter with Michele regarding this procedure. The CFG reviewed this standardized letter. The letter is sent with a Display 2 user printout. The group thought the letter was good . The only addition the group thought would be good would be the barcode of the faculty member's account and the barcode of the RA account. The CFG will post an example of the letter under the Access Services webpage under documentation for the CFG group.

2. Welcome Notebook Outline.

Michele and Rose are working on a Welcome Notebook for new staff members in the Access Services Department. Michele shared the outline with the group. The group suggested adding post office locations under the "Other" category. The notebook for new staff will be comprehensive but succinct.

3. Projects: Circulation Desk Hours, Evening Hours Webpage, Glossary for Access Services Webpage, Database for library notices

Circulation Desk Hours: The group reviewed the Circ desk hours template that Paul Young had worked on.

Evening Hours Webpage: Dave Warner circulated copies of the Evening Weekend contact web document he has been working on. He asked the group for feedback regarding the layout of the document and ease with using the document.

Glossary for Access Services Webpage: Rita is compiling a glossary/list of terms to be placed on the front of the Access Services Webpage. The group discussed the purpose of these links, The group determined that these links should include a definition of the term as well as links. The group also discussed the confusion that most staff members felt on how to find information between the Access Services Website and staff resources on the the www.libraries.rutgers.edu website.

Database for Library Notices: Michele is waiting for the remaining notice examples to be sent from the systems department and then she will have Marc work on creating a web page for the list of notices and their content. Joe Asaro would like to help with this project.

4. New IRIS page

Michele asked the group to look at test WebCat and send any comments or suggestions to RUL_IPAC@email.rutgers.edu. Test WebCat is available at the following address: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/uhtbin/webcat/.

5. Summer Training in Circulation

Michele asked the group what they thought the training needs were for circulation this summer. Here were the results:

(Marc Forster reminded staff that there is a Composer tutorial online for those who want to learn; Marc will send the link out in an e-mail)

6.Information Sharing

LSM - The student party went very well. Marc presented Lords of the Ring to the students while they had snacks to eat. Special Collections project has been completed. Sprinkler system will be installed in LSM this spring in the basement, 1st floor and 2nd floor. More furniture moves and changes will take place. The evening Supervisor II line is still open. The first summer Reserve list was received. There were a number of incidents at LSM over the last two weeks, including a water problem and light problem. Both have been fixed. The Targum bin was removed although originally it was thought that the bin was stolen.

Douglass - The shift in the East Room had been completed. Reserves have slowed down. There is still a lot of traffic in the building

Chemistry - Transferring Chemical Abstracts to the Annex. Nominated 3 students for student of the year.

Chang - Did an inventory of the Collection over Spring Break Sent some extra cabinets to the Alexander Library.

Alexander - Student party went very well. Chris Lee is leaving; his last day is April 22nd. There is new art work in the library.

Kilmer - Student party went very well. They had a coloring contest for the students and the results are being displayed at the circulation desk. Book sale this week. Facilities is working on the AC problem and leaking toilet. The Collection is not in danger.

Gov Docs - NJ recataloguing at Alex continues. High volume of Census reference items are being used within the library. Shifting to make more room in the LSM DOC for foreign and International Cataloguing.

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