Minutes of May 26, 2005 meeting

Paul Young, May Chin, Matt Spaventa, Marc Forster, Priscilla Lee, Michele Tokar(recorder), Nicole Warren, Rita Post, Joe Asaro, Dave Warner
Mike Mansouri


1. Welcome Notebook

Michele distributed a copy of the Welcome Notebook that she and Rose completed. The CFG reviewed the notebook and said they thought it would be helpful for new staff. Michele will add a roster of the functional Groups as well as unit rosters which will include staff, telephone extensions, work shift and departmental responsibilities.

2. Net ID's

The group reviewed Judy's chart for NET ID's. The chart was especially helpful in answering questions the group had regarding alumni e-mail accounts and remote access. In the past alumni were able to keep their Rutgers e-mail accounts for up to a year after graduation. Now alumni, will lose their e-mail accounts in mid August unless they register for more classes or Grad school. UMDNJ students and Fac Staff who are eligible for remote access will use their barcode and pin number to gain access. These users will no longer need to configure their PC's when they use a barcode and pin. UMDNJ users in a joint program may have a NET ID and be able to gain remote access like other Rutgers users.

3. Glossary of Access NBL Page

Rita is working on the glossary. The group determined that each term in the glossary should include a definition as well as a link. A hard copy of the web document was circulated around the table and group members were asked to contribute terms and definitions for Rita.

4. I Link

The CFG was generally pleased with the new appearance of "WebCat" now called " I Link." Most members of the group thought that the new page was clean, easy to read and easy to navigate. Despite a few minor problems with reserve lists and small font, I Link seems to be working well.

5. Summer Training Initiatives

The CFG determined that Circulation Training was needed for the following three topics: Duplicate Users, Changing Addressees, and Net ID's. Nicole Warren agreed to write up a preliminary draft for each of the three.

6. Customer Service

The group discussed different situations we may deal with at the front desk and what some solutions are.

At one time or another most of us have dealt with an aggressive patron at the front desk, and or a patron that wants to continue a conversation beyond job related topics. The group thought these would be good examples to use in a Customer Service Workshop. Members of the group agreed that they usually let an aggressive patron vent for a few moments, listen, and then respond. Members of the group thought it was difficult to walk away from a talkative person. It is especially difficult to walk away from a talkative patron when staff members are scheduled on the Circ desk. The group that the best way to deal with this is to say you need to complete some work at this time, while working at the circ. desk.

7. Information Sharing

Alex - Gillian Newton, the new LA II has started at Alex. She will be assisting the student coordinator. New Carpet is being installed in the Pane room

Kilmer - Computer Lab is closed until classes start. Patrons have been exiting through the Fire doors and the alarms have gone off .

Douglass - Some children have been entering the library without a guardian. Douglass staff say this is more frequently a problem in the summer when children are out of school.

LSM - The Public PC's were temporarily unavailable during the installation of the carpet on the 1st floor. The Computer Lab is closed until classes resume.

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