Minutes of June 23, 2005 meeting

Paul Young, Mike Mansouri, May Chin, Marc Forster, Priscilla Lee, Michele Tokar(recorder)
Dave Warner
Matt Spaventa, Nicole Warren, Rita Post, Joe Asaro,
Meaghan Lord


1. Updates: Revision of pick-up notices and ILL-E-Z Borrow notices, Palci Changes

The CFG reviewed the revisions to the pick up notices and the changes to the ILL-Palci notices. The group discussed Interlibrary Loan and Palci billing. The group was unsure of the correct procedures on how to handle billed ILL and Palci items and media items as well. Michele will investigate this and get back to group members. The Palci groups of catalogs to search were updated. Every unit received new Palci administrative logins.

2. E-mail/Address changes in the summer

The group discussed the difference with tapeloads in the summer. Faculty and staff are loaded as normal because they are recognized and loaded through payroll. Students who are not taking classes in the summer are not loaded and therefore their addresses should be updated in WorkFlows. All students should update their addresses as usual in the ROD, so they are loaded correctly in the fall.

3. Future updates: University ID's, New WorkFlows (GL3.0)

In the near future staff can look to SSN's being replaced by University ID's. This will only affect the student body at Rutgers. Faculty and staff will continue to be recognized by their SSN. Students will be assigned a random 9 digit number and this will be differentiated from SSN's because digits 4 and 5 will be 00, i.e. 123-00-4567. This change is scheduled to take place in the year 2006.

New WorkFlows or GL3.0 is coming. The systems department estimates that this upgrade will come in the Spring of 2006. The CFG wondered if the merger between SIRSI and Dynix would create some changes with the upgrade?

4. Functional Group structure

Staff members from Dana and Robeson would be joining the functional groups. How the meetings will be run is yet to be determined. Each large library: Alex, Douglass, Kilmer, and LSM will have teleconference capabilities installed. The group wondered if we would occasionally be making trips to Newark or Camden?

5. "Un Barring" users

The group discussed that importance of unbarring users when a record is completely clear. This will avoid unnecessary names on the Unbar report.

6. Glossary for Webpage

The group added more definitions for the glossary that Rita is working on. Rita and Marc will work together on this and add the glossary to the front page of the NBL Access Website.

7. Summer Training

This summer many of the Functional Groups will offer training. Michele, Stacey Dematteo, and Dave Warner just completed an AAL training for new staff. Access Services staff may look forward to training on mold, ergonomics, Billing, and RDS. The Circulation Group would like to work on training in the following areas: Duplicate Users, Net IDs, and Address Changes. Nicole Warren drafted some charts for the training and the CFG will follow up, will review these and exchange ideas. Customer Service training will follow in the fall 2005.

8. Customer Service

The CFG talked about Customer Service. The group agreed that is was always important to provide good customer service, but more importantly to provide patron education and guidance. The group shared more experiences that they had had at the circulation desk and how they handled them The group talked about the importance of letting patrons vent and then referring patrons to a supervisor if they could not assist them further.

9. Information Sharing

LSM - The reupholstered chairs at LSM look great. The carpet installation was complete. LSM got a new refrigerator for the staff lounge. The sprinkler work on the 1st and 2nd floor is complete. There is more sprinkler work going on in the basement. Interviews for the LSM Sup II position continue. There was a small leak in the LSM UMDNJ tunnel from a large drum. The contents were examined by facilities and REHS, and they said the contents were a degreaser.

Douglass - Memorial service was held for Thelma Tate in the Vorhees Chapel and a reception was held in the Mable Smith Douglass Room. A water hydrant flooded the back parking lot by the dumpster. No water entered the library.

Kilmer - quiet right now.

Alex - The Special Collections emergency has been cleaned up. The sprinkler system has been fixed. They are still down one line at Alex.

Chemistry - Mike is in process of working on Chemical Abstracts Collection (estimated 1700 volumes) which will be transferred to the Annex

Next meeting July 21st - Location TBA.

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