Minutes of July 21, 2005 meeting

Paul Young, May Chin, Matt Spaventa, Marc Forster, Priscilla Lee, Michele Tokar(recorder), Nicole Warren, Rita Post, Joe Asaro, Dave Warner
Mike Mansouri


1. Annual Report

Michele distributed copies of the annual report. The group reviewed the report together. The group discussed the goals for the next fiscal year.

The goals for the next fiscal year are:

2. Training

The group discussed training for circulation. Besides the customer service training, the CFG decided that Access services staff would benefit from training on the following: Duplicate Users, NET IDís and Remote Access, and Changing Addresses. Members of the group volunteered to work with the training guides. Nicole had created an outline for the last CFG meeting. The group decided that a flow chart style would work best. The group decided that the training should explain why we have duplicate users in the system, or why we have address problems and how we correct both of these situations. The group thought we should use Judy's Net ID flow chart to help with training on Net Ids and remote access.

3. Glossary for Webpage

Rita continues to work on creating a glossary for the NBL Access Services Webpage. She is finding definitions and links on the staff resources portion of the www.libraries.rutgers.edu.

4. Information Sharing

LSM - Holly Muller, the new LS II at LSM has begun her training rotations at all the different libraries. Gov docs are in good order.

Douglass - Two ceiling lights have been replaced.

Alex - Quiet at Alex. They are building a foot bridge between SCILS and Alex. Gov Docs acquired 12,480 fiche from the Federal Register.

Chang - They have already received some large reserve lists for the fall.

Kilmer - The men's bathroom on the 2nd floor was fixed. Myriam Alami has left the Kilmer Library for a faculty position in the French Department.

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