Minutes of September 21, 2005 meeting

Paul Young, May Chin, Matt Spaventa, Marc Forster, Priscilla Lee, Michele Tokar(recorder), Dave Warner, Mike Mansouri, Gillian Newton, Katie Anderson (Robeson via teleconference)
Roger Smith, Judy Gardner


1. Welcome New Members

This was the groups first teleconferenced meeting! The group welcomed Katie Anderson live from the Robeson Library in Camden. The CFG tried to connect with Dana to welcome both Joyce Watson and Helen Funnye. Unfortunately, the group was unable to connect for this meeting. The group looks forward to working with Joyce and Helen at the next meeting. The group welcomed Gillian Newton from the Alexander Library as a new group member.

2. Departures from the Group

Rita Post has left the University for another position. Joe Asaro transferred to a new position at the Kilmer Library. Priscilla Lee transferred to a new position at the Kilmer Library and Nicole Warren transferred to a new position at the Alexander Library.

3. Teleconference Training

Prior to this meeting functional group coordinators as well as some functional group members met with Rich Sandler from the Media Library to participate in a hands on demonstration on how to use the teleconferencing equipment. The following members from the CFG volunteered to help with the equipment during meetings: Marc Forster, Paul Young and Mike Mansouri.

4. Purpose Statement

The group was asked by e-mail and at the meeting to review the current purpose statement and group name and come up with some alternatives using the following guidelines:

The group was asked to get back to Michele by October 5th with suggestions. These suggestions will be taken back to the Access Services Committee.

5. Review Goals for the New Fiscal Year

The group reviewed the goals from the annual report fiscal year 2004/2005.

The goals for this new fiscal year are:

6. User Maintenance

User Maintenance has been folded into the Circulation Functional Group. Besides adopting the returned mail and e-mail notices as part of the User Maintenance, the CFG will be receiving database projects such as updating WorkFlows records online, i.e. Henry Rutgers Scholars. In the future, Michele will distribute some of these projects to the group.

7. System Issues

The duplicate barcode problem encountered here on the New Brunswick campuses has been assuaged with the help of the systems department.
As discussed in the Access Services Committee (ASC) there are some problems regarding new patrons and indexing:
The following is a quote from the ASC meeting minutes published by Judy Gardner:

"Staff have reported problems with searching SSNs (Alt IDs) on new user records. A search by Alt ID results in a "not found" message, but when attempting to create a new user record with the same Alt ID, an "already exists" message appears. Chris explained that indexing anomalies result when the parton loader runs Monday afternoon and it takes 24 hours before they are cleaned up. When this indexing problem occurs, staff at Alexander have registered users with their barcode in the Alt ID field, kept a record of the user's Alt ID, and updated the record the following day. We agreed to follow these steps in order to register patrons right away. Chris will look into loading the patron file at a different time, one that works with Admin Computing's schedule and when full-time Systems staff are available to monitor the process."

8. NBL Site and Minutes

The group likes the new web design by Marc Forster on the NBL site. The page is clean and elegant and easy to use. Judy Gardner asked the group how they felt about having both the NBL page and the libraries page (Staff Resources) as a resource. Was it helpful or confusing to have two different pages to visit? What would be the easiest way for them to find information? Marc Forster and Dave Warner have volunteered to look over both web pages and offer some suggestions.

Gillian Newton has volunteered to convert the CFG minutes to composer for the webpage. Marc Forster will help train Gillian.

9. Training Needs/Customer Service/Documentation

As recommended in this fiscal year goals, the CFG will look especially at customer service training. Roger Smith gave the CFG an overview of the purpose and directive of the customer service training. The training will look at the core competencies of the circulation and public service desk; what staff should know and how staff can best interact with the public. While the training is still in development, it would be helpful to have input from CFG members. Using handouts and memos from the human resources training a few years ago and resources from the Palinet training that Michele, Roger, Katie and Andy Martinez attended, the training will focus more on specific library issues.

In looking at customer service in general, Katie Anderson was able to share her experiences of using name tags at the Robeson Library. Katie said the name tags have worked well at Robeson. The students are offered name tags as well. The CFG discussed the possibility of name tags on the New Brunswick campuses. Most members of the group looked on this idea favorably.

Michele has many documents that she would like to finalize to put on the NBL page. Michele would like to share them with the group at the next meeting. She will send these to Katie, Joyce and Helen to review prior to the next meeting.

10. Information Sharing

Chemistry - Mike Mansouri is still working on the Chemical Abstracts project. The Chem Abstracts are being removed from the Chemistry Library and transferred to the Annex.

LSM - Weeding has commenced again. This is going very smoothly. LSM has a lot of new excellent work-study students. LSM will be acquiring some images from the Protein Data Bank. These images will be framed and placed on the 1st floor and 3rd floor of the library. LSM is still working on creating a quiet study area. Paul has finished the shift of the Doc Int and LSM Doc. A small shift in one section of the periodicals has begun on the 3rd floor. LSM and Alex have received new UMDNJ lists.

Alexander - Circulation and Reserves have been very busy. They have nearly 50 returning students and 24 new students .They have been doing group orientations this year again.

Douglass - Staff had training in August for the Kurtsweil Reader and the Jaws software. They have an exhibit honoring the Dalai Lama who will visit the University on September 25th.

Kilmer has finally caught up on Reserves. Everything else is running smoothly.

Camden - 15 new student workers. They are going to train students using a group orientation.

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