Minutes of November 17, 2005 meeting

Paul Young, Matt Spaventa, Marc Forster, Michele Tokar, Dave Warner, Mike Mansouri, Gillian Newton, Joyce Watson, Adam Wolfson, Katie Anderson, Shawn Moriarty, Krista Dandurand, Meghan Lord, Kevin Conover, May Chin


1. Welcome New Members

The group welcomed the following new members: Shawn Moriarty (Kilmer), Krista Dandurand (Kilmer), Meghan Lord (Alex), Kevin Conover (LSM).

2. Information Sharing

Chang: Dean has accepted the position of the Annex coordinator. He will be moving to the Annex very soon. Chang should be receiving a temporary replacement.

Douglass: Students are already wearing name tags. The reference department wants to wear name tags as well.

Dana: New art exhibit. Students are wearing name tags.

Camden: Recently had a very angry patron at the desk regarding cell phone usage.

LSM: Weeding still ongoing; they have weeded over 23,000 items thus far. Kevin Conover was hired as the Library Assistant II for the evenings. Dave Warner is helping with coverage at SERC. He spends his mornings there.

Alex: Very busy at the Circulation desk, especially with bills, etc. due to spring registration. It is now possible to copy microfiche government documents before sending them out for RDS. (This means making an actual duplicate microfiche.)

Kilmer: Shawn Moriarty was hired at Kilmer as the new Reserve Associate. She will split her time between Media and Access Services public services desks.

Chemistry: Had to let go one voucher student. Mike is having problems using Workflows for his inventory. Systems will fix this for him.

3. Name tags

Michele distributed an updated template of the name tags which will most likely be used in the Access Services Department.. Dana and Douglass said the student workers are already wearing name tags at their units. They said this is working well for them. New Brunswick plans to make up student name tags without actual names, since there are so many student workers. The tags would say either Student Assistant, or Library Assistant.

4. GL3.0 test system

The test system is not currently working although it was slated to run in early November. Once the test system is up and running, Michele asked that all CFG members log on and try out Circulation Functions. Michele will distribute directions for testing in Circulation after this is discussed in the Access Services Committee.

5. SIRSI Forums

Michele asked for two representatives from the group to join the SIRSI circulation forum. Matt Spaventa and Katie Anderson volunteered to join the forum.

6. Projects: RA card transfer, glossary for NBL Page, Circulation Desk Hours

Michele shared the RA card transfer document she has been working on with the group. Jeff Teichmann had provided a standard letter that he sent from the Alexander library when a professor requested to have items transferred from an RA account back to their own account. Michele has written out the directions on how to transfer items from an RA card back to a professor's card. She asked members of the CFG to review the letter and directions back at their units.

Michele asked the group to review the glossary for the NBL page and send suggestion to her. Marc Forster volunteered to add the glossary to the NBL page.

Paul Young has completed the Circulation Desk hours. Michele will forward these to Roger and have them posted on the NBL page.

7. Letters for RA card members and Visiting Scholars

Michele asked for a volunteer to draft a letter for Professors who are receiving a new RA card. The letter should include information about the responsibility as well as how procedures such as RDS and ILS work with these cards. Joyce Watson has volunteered to draft this letter

Michele will work on a letter for Visiting Scholars with the help of Jeff Teichmann.

8. Customer Service Training

The group discussed customer service as it related to the library and their thoughts about customer service training. The group said they thought one of the most important concepts for staff working with the public at a large University such as ours, was sensitivity to different cultures, languages, and ideologies. The group agreed that listening was extremely important and a skill to be developed.

The group would like alumni and guest privileges presented as part of the core competencies of the training.

Next meeting to be announced.

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