Minutes of January 19, 2006 meeting

Katie Anderson (Robeson via teleconference), Kevin Conover, Krista Dandurand, Marc Forster, Meghan Lord, Mike Mansouri, Shawn Moriarty, Gillian Newton, Michele Tokar(recorder), Dave Warner, Joyce Watson, Adam Wolfson, Paul Young
May Chin


1. Information Sharing

Matt Spaventa has left the libraries and will no longer be part of the CFG. He is now working for the athletic department at the University.

Alex - Alex will start their early morning hours and extended hours in the evenings. On Saturday and Sunday they are opening at 9 am and Sunday through Thursday they are staying open until 4 am. Many patrons are coming in with old bills to clear in order to register. They are busy designing new schedules for the returning students.

Camden - There has been a high demand for a group study room. Camden has converted an empty classroom into a group study room; they will take reservations for 4 or more people at a time. Reservations are being taken manually at the circulation desk.

Chang - Has a lot of reserves to process. They had a minor leak which was contained.

Chemistry - They have finished the inventory of the Chem. Abstracts. Three outside windows were shattered during the rain storm; this area has been cleared of PC's until the windows are permanently fixed. Patrons will not have access to these areas.

Dana - Processing a lot of reserves. They have found that many students who come to register are not online yet.

Kilmer -They started a new system to track student shelvers. This system is to make sure they are shelving at all, and to make sure they are shelving correctly.

LSM - Staff and students have begun wearing their name tags. This is going well. It has been decided that the map area on the first floor behind reference will be a quiet study area; this means no talking and no group study in this area. All chairs in the building will be reupholstered. Alfreda Richardson has started working at both SERC and LSM. in the afternoons. LSM will begin their early opening hours this weekend: Saturdays at 9am and Sundays at 9 am.

2. Registration: Review and Ideas

With the beginning of the new semester the group reviewed what types of IDs are acceptable to register a patron Acceptable IDs are:

(Patrons must show a picture ID if they provide a term bill or are online already but have no RU Connection card. It is unacceptable to register someone using the Rutgers online directory)

The group discussed what steps they thought were important in the registration process. The group agreed that the following steps were most important:

The group agreed that these steps were also important in patron registration, but not everyone was giving out this information when registering a new user because of lack of time or they thought it was too much information for a new user

3. New Student RU Connection Cards and University IDs

The group discussed the SSN changes that are to take place in February and the changes to the RU Connection card for undergraduate students.

The group thought the libraries would adapt well to these changes. More questions or concerns arose about when Faculty and staff would have these same privileges as undergraduates and also have their SSN's removed from WorkFlows. The group wondered why the SSN field could not be shadowed online in WorkFlows.

The same questions that arose in the Access Services committee arose in this meeting regarding Alumni users and how these ID changes would affect them.

In registering UMDNJ users, the libraries currently duplicate the barcode in the ALT ID field.

The group talked about how we should verify users once these changes take place. While we previously used the SSN or even last 4 digits of the SSN to verify a user, the new University ID will be printed on the RU Connection card and would not be the best choice to use for patron verification.

The group suggested asking for an e-mail address or home address for verification.

The group discussed forms, etc that would need to be updated to reflect these changes such as the borrowers chart, and the Pin request form.

4. RA Cards application, renewals

Joyce Watson has volunteered to put together a document that will incorporate important information that we feel faculty members need when applying for an RA card. Michele asked the group to e-mail Joyce with their thoughts. Some ideas were to include how to pick up holds, and what our policy is regarding holds and pick up for the faculty member and the RA. The group is also putting together a document that will help staff transfer items from an RA record back to a professors record.

5. Library Changes: Bag Checking and New Library Hours

The group discussed some of the big changes with the libraries this semester.

The group had mixed feelings about discontinuing bag checking at Douglass and Alex. Questions arose regarding detaining users if the alarm went off. What exactly is our policy on that? Has that changed? Are we still allowed to search a patron's bag if the alarm goes off? Is it better to have them empty the contents?

The group discussed the new hours at Alex and LSM. The group was curious to see the statistics during these extended hours. The group thought that security was a particular concern at the Alexander Library during late evening hours.

6. Henry Rutgers Scholars

Michele reminded the group about Henry Rutgers Scholars. The spring Henry Rutgers Scholars have been added online. These honors students receive term loan. There is a note in the extended information field of their record. Staff must manually give these users term loan, and staff must manually renew their items to give the term loan. There is a document on the NBL page that gives all these directions.

7. Library Circulation Hours

Paul Young is finishing up with his edits of the Library circulation hours for the NBL page. Judy Gardner has requested that these hours be posted on the libraries site as well under "Hours and Directions" and "Other Library Hours".

8. RDS Student Quiz

Nita Mukherjee asked that staff members take a look at the RDS quiz created for student workers on Web CT. Michele shared some of the sample questions with the CFG. Staff can contact Nita to get permission to gain access to Web CT.

Next meeting Thursday February 16th (Katie Anderson will be joining the group in person)

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