Minutes of February 16, 2006 meeting

Katie Anderson (welcomed in person), May Chin, Kevin Conover, Marc Forster, Meghan Lord, Mike Mansouri, Shawn Moriarty, Michele Tokar(recorder), Dave Warner, Adam Wolfson, Paul Young
Krista Dandurand, Gillian Newton, Joyce Watson
Judy Gardner


1. Review of last meeting's minutes

At the last meeting questions came up about what to do when the exit gate alarm sounds, especially since the staff at the Guard desks of Alex and Douglass will no longer be checking bags. Roger Smith has stated that the procedures are the same at all units. Our policy is as follows:

"Patrons who set off the alarm are to be asked to return to the "welcome" desk or circulation desk and open their bag. The patron should empty the contents of their bag (Staff should not empty the contents of the patron's bag)and the patron queried about library books, new textbooks, videos, etc. They can return to the Circ desk for desensitizing. At NO TIME should an effort be made to detain or apprehend a patron that continues out the building. Simply report this to a supervisor and make sure an incident report is filled out."

At the last meeting the group also discussed what steps all library staff should follow during new patron registration. The group determined that the following were the most important steps in registering a user:

The group reviewed these steps and agreed that "My Account" should be mentioned when the pin number was distributed. The group agreed that if time permitted they should let the user know (in brief) about our delivery services.

The group had questions regarding the new student ID's.

These questions are answered below under: New Student ID numbers

2. Information Sharing

Camden - Students are asking questions on how to obtain their new student ID numbers. Student ID numbers can be found at the "My Rutgers" page at https://my.rutgers.edu/portal/. Camden put this link up on their own library page. This is the default page for all the computers in their library at Camden. http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/libs/robeson_lib/index.html. The new group study rooms at Camden are always booked.

Chemistry - The three broken windows from the rain storm have been fixed already. They removed some carpet from the copy room. Mike is concerned about a small doorway in the ceiling of his office. He says that this is a very old Air Conditioning and Heating system in the ceiling through this door, and in the event of an emergency or fire it is very difficult to get to this room, making it very unsafe to the library and our collections. Mike has reported this.
The inventory of Chemical Abstracts is finished. Mike will enter all data into the computer and then began to pack and ship to the Annex.
Mike heard that professors at different Universities are now using IPODS to record some of their lectures. He wondered how this may affect Rutgers in the future.

LSM - Dave is working on a report/cleanup of UMDNJ users. Reserves have been steady and busy.
So far 1600 books from the weeding project have been set aside to be sent to Better World Books. The Booksale is doing well. More chairs are being reupholstered. The extended hours on Saturday and Sunday morning have been slow.
Gov Docs - Paul has been filing the topographical maps on the first floor.

Alex - Nicole Warren is returning to Alex from Chang.

Chang - Rae Wong is the new hire at Chang. She is training right now and will be at Chang next week. Chang is in need of a periodical shift. Andy will work with the Chang staff to organize this.

Kilmer - They have been testing fire alarms. Reserves are pretty much caught up. The sidewalks next to the library have been re-opened. Shawn had a question about a faculty/staff member from the Edison Papers at the University: were these users eligible for RA cards? Judy Gardner was able to answer this question for us. Yes, these users are Faculty/Staff in the Rutgers community and therefore are eligible for an RA card.

Douglass - Reserves are caught up. They are interviewing for the open LA II line.

3. Purpose Statement and Name

Working with Judy Gardner, the Circulation Group came up with a new name and new purpose statement.

New Name: The "Circulation Group."

The new purpose statement is as follows:
The Circulation Group, a subgroup of the Access Services Committee, reviews and recommends changes to RULís circulation policies and basic procedures, such as patron registration, user record maintenance, checkout, discharge, and renewal. The group, comprised of library staff members from all three campuses, standardizes procedures and writes documentation, identifies training needs and trains staff, and promotes best circulation practices and excellent, user- centered customer service throughout the Rutgers University Libraries. The group tests new releases of Unicorn and recommends implementation of new circulation features in WorkFlows.

The group liked the purpose statement, they thought it was clear and to the point.

4. New Student ID numbers

The group discussed the changes with student ID numbers.

These were some questions from last month:

Will Faculty and Staff be issued ID numbers?
Faculty and staff will be issued ID numbers, however they will not be used at the University yet. At some point Faculty and Staff will be loaded into WorkFlows with these new University ID numbers. SSN for faculty and staff will still appear in WorkFlows.

What about alumni?
Alumni will all be issued an ID number. Recent alumni will be loaded into WorkFlows with this number.

Older alumni can get their ID number from the alumni office. This number will appear on their alumni card. An alumni card is free. It only costs money if one chooses to join the alumni association. Judy reminded the group that alumni office information is available on the borrower's chart. As a reminder, always check the borrower's chart for information. The alumni office is located in Winants Hall on the College Avenue campus in New Brunswick..
The Department of Alumni Relations
7 College Avenue
New Brunswick, NJ 08901-1262
Phone: 732/932-7061

Update from Judy Gardner on 2/21/06:
"The Alumni Office has not yet processed its file of RUID numbers. Until we start seeing RUIDs on alumni IDs, please enter the library barcode in both the User ID and Alt ID fields when registering alumni."

A few reminders were discussed about the ID numbers and WorkFlows:

It is important that both the University ID and SSN are entered as stated above since the tapeload matches on the Alt ID field.

5. Circulation Training Standards

The group discussed what standards staff members working at the circulation desk should know. Using a template that was developed by the Circulation Group two years ago, Michele asked that the group look specfically at this template as if they were training a new staff member. The group agreed that it was important to train staff with the user's perspective in mind. The group suggested that while training staff in WorkFlows was important, it was equally important to train staff on user services. The document that was presented to the group consisted of a guide/outline of what to review when training a new staff member, including webpages, and links to policy memos, forms, and procedures. The following additions/recommendations were made as to what staff should know from a user's perspective:

The group also thought that after training it would be best to ask the staff member to put into practice what they had learned. For example new staff and current staff should be able to do the following when asked:

The group will submit their ideas to Michele by the next Circulation Group meeting.

6. Mid Year Report

The group reviewed the mid year report.

The most important goals for this year will be to solidify patron registration, discuss and review best user centered practices within the libraries, update procedures such as the RA card process and application, and the Claims Return Procedures.

Katie Anderson suggested that we make the RA card application as an online form that can be filled out and submitted. Judy said we would contact the Webmaster for this.

Michele will be working with Barry and the Billing group to review automating the claims return process. The Circulation Group's advice and expertise will be called for on for this.

7. Circulation page updates

Marc posted the IRIS/WORKFLOWS CODES on the NBL Access page.
These codes include:
Library Locations
Sub Locations
Status Codes

8. Test System updates

The systems department has reported that the test system (GL3.0) will be loaded on February 17th. Staff may not be able to access this right away since the test system will be on a different server. Systems will follow up with instructions.

9. SIRSI Forum

Meghan Lord volunteered to monitor the SIRSI circulation forum along with Michele.

Next meeting Thursday March 16th at the Kilmer Library

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