Minutes of May 25, 2006 meeting

Ray Balter, Kevin Conover, Marc Forster, Meagan Lord, Krista Dandurand, Mike Mansouri, Shawn Moriarity, Gillian Newton, Michele Tokar, Dave Warner, Joyce Watson, Adam Wolfson, Chaiki Yamada, Paul Young.
Chris Sterback and Bob Warwick


GL3.0 with Chris Sterback and Bob Warwick

Chris Sterback and Bob Warwick discussed the upgrade to WorkFlows. Chris and Bob reported that the enhancements to GL3.0 were minimal. In general, there were not many changes to this circulation module. During the testing of GL3.0 members of the circulation group reported a problem with finding a user after they had just displayed or modified that user. Chris reported this "bug" to SIRSI and has already applied a patch. SIRSI was aware of this problem. The one important enhancement added to this release is that the full birth date will replace the birth year. (This is the field we use for our last load date) Bob Warwick displayed examples for the group so they could see how the new field would look. Bob also explained how the existing records would migrate to this new template. Everyone agreed that having the complete load date would be very helpful. Chris and Bob mentioned that a new field called the "age field" appears in the "J" client. Chris and Bob will investigate whether this field can be suppressed since it is not useful for us in a University Library. This type of field would be helpful for a public library. Chris reminded everyone about the difference between the "C" client and the "J" client. Chris suggested that staff go to the release notes under staff resources and review the information there. As well, Chris sent out an e-mail this past month reviewing the differences between the "C" and "J" client. Staff can review the e-mail for clarification. Michele can forward this e-mail to any staff that need to review it.

The libraries will upgrade to GL3.0 on memorial day weekend and the libraries will begin migrating to the "J" client in the 2006/2007 academic year

Along with the upgrade, Chris reported on some other changes coming this fiscal year.

Question and Answer with Chris Sterback and Bob Warwick:

Chris and Bob gave circulation group members the chance to ask questions about any systems/circulation related issues.

Q: Are we able to use Self-Checkout with GL3.0?
A: The answer is yes, but because of cost, etc, the libraries will probably not be acquiring a self-checkout machine in the near future. Chris remarked that there are many pros and cons to self-checkout in the libraries. The machine would need to be monitored by full time staff all the time. For example, Montclair University keeps their self-checkout machine on the circulation desktop.

Q: How often will our passwords change in WorkFlows?
A: Individual logins will change once a year and shared logins will change every 6 months. This was recommended by the auditors that visited the University. .

Q: How often does the patron file come in from OIT?
A: The file comes in once a week over the weekend and is generally loaded into Unicorn on Monday. Students are loaded in with the RUID as the unique identifier and Faculty/Staff are loaded in with the SSN as the unique identifier.

Q: What can we do about duplicate users in the system. Can systems run a report to clean these up?
A: The best way to avoid duplicate users is to be very careful when registering users. Systems could run a report, but it can be very hard to do this since at times the only way to tell this is a duplicate user is by an address, etc. These problems should be forwarded to one person in Access Services/circulation that is experienced at combining and removing accounts. ( Michele said she would be the contact person for duplicate users).

Q: How is the load working with alumni now?
A: For this fiscal year, alumni that graduated in May 2006 will be loaded in September 2006 as alumni. These records will only be loaded once. If a patron comes in prior to September with an alumni card, staff can update these records to alumni. If a record has been manually updated to alumni, the record will not be overridden in September. Bob Warwick explained that: "When the load script sees that an incoming record is an ALUMNI, the script checks the existing Unicorn database to see if that patron is already an ALUMNI in Unicorn. If so, the incoming record is skipped. If not, the incoming record is loaded, changing the existing Unicorn record to ALUMNI. " If these records are not used within one year, they will be purged.

Q: Can you explain what happens with the load in the summer and students at the University?
A: During the summer, Rutgers University students who are taking classes will continue to load. Rutgers University students who are not taking classes during the summer (but are still matriculated) will not load until the fall. Remember that during the summer, address updates must be made by students in the Rutgers Online Directory ( ROD) and by staff in WorkFlows. This does not affect full time 12 month faculty and staff since they are loaded by payroll. Faculty and staff on the 10 month track will not be in the active load, and they to would need to have their addresses updated in the ROD and in WorkFlows.

Q What about summer students who are not affiliated with the university?
A: Summer students not affiliated with the University will be loaded and have an RU-ONLINE record. They will have a school code of 90-SUMNB, 93-SUMNWK, or 96-SUMCAM. All summer students will have an expiration date of the last day of summer session (this year the date will be 8/16/06).

Q: Will Faculty and Staff get Rutgers University Id's?
A: There has been some preliminary discussion but there is no definite time frame.

Q: Is there anything we should know about address changes in the fall and the summer?
A: Make sure to always fill in both address fields (if the record was created manually). When the address changes take place in the fall and the summer, mail will only be sent to the address field of the highlighted radio button.

Q: What can we do about patrons that claim they do not get notices because they say they have forwarded mail from their eden or rci account?
A: Patrons are responsible for their mail once they set it up. E-mail is really a way of life now at the University, and when a patron sets up their e-mail to forward to a yahoo account for example, and they set up their e-mail to delete Spam and junk mail, they need to make sure their filters are set appropriately so they do not lose important mail from the libraries.

Circulation Quiz questions for student WebCt

Michele presented the group with the compiled quiz questions that had been submitted by group members. The group read each question out loud and decided whether they thought the question would be appropriate for the quiz. The group tried to answer each question correctly. Michele said she would clean up the questions, and present them to the group again. Michele asked group members to submit any other questions they thought would be appropriate and challenging for students and possibly staff.

Best PUB note practices

Michlele passed around the examples of good and bad pub notes that had been submitted by group members. Michele decided to use the bad pub note examples, and then show how they could be improved. This would work like a "before and after." Michele will present this to the group once it is cleaned up.

Since the meeting ran over in time, group members will share information at next month's meeting

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