Minutes of June 22, 2006 meeting

Ray Balter, Marc Forster, Meghan Lord, Mike Mansouri, Shawn Moriarty, Michele Tokar, Dave Warner, Adam Wolfson, Chiaki Yamada, Paul Young
Krista Dandurand, Gillian Newton, Joyce Watson
Roger Smith


Changes in Circulation Group Structure

Roger Smith discussed upcoming changes to the structure of the Circulation Group. Due to the wide scope of the group, the decision was made to divide into two subgroups: one reporting to Michele Tokar and one to Dean Meister. These subgroups will meet monthly, as needed. Every third or fourth month, the groups will reconvene to share information. In the coming weeks, individuals will be assigned to each subgroup based on their interests and strengths. It may be necessary to hold two meetings in July to initiate these plans.

Michele's group will focus on Training, Ask A Librarian, Customer Service, and Documentation.

Dean's group will focus on Testing, Inventory, and Technical Aspects of Circulation.

Members will be added to the group if necessary.
Current projects:
Michele's Group will work on the Circulation Quiz for students and staff for the fall. Dean's group will investigate the redesign of the R/A form for online submission and automated claims returns.

Student/Staff Circulation Quiz

The group reviewed all questions aloud. Suggestions included:

As an assignment, each group member will submit one more question geared specifically toward students to Michele by the next meeting.

Roger Smith added that it is important that the quiz be used in concert with intensive face-to-face training with the students, to ensure that policies are procedures are understood thoroughly.


Michele Tokar distributed the revised Pubnotes document. All agreed that the additions were helpful. The group discussed other instances when a Pubnote would be useful. One such example was if one book was missing from a large batch of returns. In the future, the group may decide to clean up older pubnotes which are no longer relevant. Adam Wolfson suggested that older Pubnotes could be archived in a separate location in the patron's record. Michele will consult Chris Sterback to see if this is feasible. Adam also suggested the creation of templates for frequently written pubnotes. This would be useful for claims return, waived first recall, and bad address notices.

Goals from 2005-2006

Goals For the Upcoming Fiscal Year

Michele's Group

Dean's Group

Information Sharing

LSM: Dave Warner attended the School of Public Health Orientation with Jackie Mardikian and gave a presentation about the Rutgers University Libraries. Dave offered to give tours of LSM to new SPH students. LSM is currently weeding materials. They are without voucher students until July 1st. Douglass: The shift is complete. They will hold a walkthrough on Wednesday 6/28/06 at 10am. The Lenox records have been moved to Douglass from Special Collections and an archivist has been hired to work on them.

Alexander: Paul Young is boxing Federal Registries to send to the Government Printing Office. He has boxed 6 years worth, which has filled 52 boxes. The library currently has a few less student workers for the summer.

Chang: Adam Wolfson is working on a large periodical shift. They will be training a new work-study student in the coming weeks.

Chemistry: Chemical Abstracts are now gone. Mike Mansouri is conducting a periodicals inventory. They will transfer microfiche to LSM. They will rearrange the layout of furniture in the library.

Kilmer: They received a new couch and two new chairs for a seating area alongside the reference desk. The building will be wired upstairs and in the basement for wireless internet access throughout the building.

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