Minutes of August 17, 2006 meeting

Meghan Lord (recorder), Michele Tokar, Kevin Conover, Chiaki Yamada, Paul Young, Marc Forster, Mike Mansouri, Raymond Balter, Dean Meister, Adam Wolfson, Shawn Moriarty
Joyce Watson (Excused), Gillian Newton (Excused), Krista Dandurand (Excused)


Borrower's Chart

Michele requested feedback from the group regarding the template for the online borrower's chart created by Sam McDonald. Members of the group had copied and pasted all the Primary and Guest borrower categories into a word document and then passed these on to Sam McDonald. Group members liked the chart and thought this would be much easier to use than the paper copies. Some questions and concerns that came up were:

Would this HTML file be printable? How would the chart be updated? Is searching by keyword possible?

The answers to these questions were:

Sam McDonald will make sure the chart is printable. The Circulation group will work with the Head of Access Services to maintain the chart. The chart is keyword searchable by using "CTRL F."

A vote was taken as to whether the chart should be alphabetical or separated into primary and secondary borrowers. The majority of the group liked the chart separated into Primary and Guest columns. Three members voted for alphabetical and six members voted for primary/ secondary.

Review of Student Questionnaire

The group reviewed an edited version of the circulation quiz designed for students (and possibly staff). After reading through the questions, the group agreed that the questions were good. It was suggested that we include additional questions on the following topics: remote access, checking out damaged materials, and dealing with accompanying materials.

The group emphasized the importance of using this document as part of a training tool: while it is helpful to create online tests and documents, most of the student learning should be done under the guidance of student coordinator. Michele will set up a SAKAI or WebCt page with the test questions.


Jill Morrow is now responsible for brochures. Requests for them, along with signs and book bands, can be made online.

Though many of the lesser-used brochures are no longer available in bulk, they can be found in printable format online. To order brochures go to Staff resources, Access Services, Public Service, Forms and Active Publications.

Customer Service Training

The group reviewed the service desk standards to keep them fresh in their minds as the new semester approaches.

The Service Desk standards are available online under staff resources, Access Services, policies.

New User Registration

The opportunity to ask questions was given.

The group reviewed how to register a patron. In order to register with the libraries, a patron must have either a current student or Faculty/Staff ID, a record in the library database or a paid term bill in order to receive borrowing privileges. Finding the user's name in the online directory is not considered a valid id.

Q: With branch libraries relying heavily on student help, should student help register new users? Is a standardized procedure for this necessary?

Michele will talk with Andy and Roger regarding this question.

Circulation Group Coordinator Changes

Dean will run the next group meeting. As has previously been discussed, the group will be divided into two sections. Michele will lead one and Dean the other, and then the groups will come together. The responsibilities of these two sections were briefly discussed.

Dean: This group will focus on the more technical aspects of circulation. Members will be instructed in and gain experience with project management. Examples of possible projects include: automated claims returns, linking RA cards to the faculty member's record and J client training issues.

Michele: This group will focus more on training, documentation, and user maintenance. Members will update and maintain online documentation for staff, as well as provide assistance for any training issues that may arise. Some example of a possible project is working to delete 900 duplicate user records.

Q: Can membership alternate between the two groups?

Members of the circulation group should determine which group work and projects appeal to their own growth, interest and professional development, and commitment of time. Dividing the group will be in a test phase for this semester. Depth of involvement, however, will vary according to local staffing needs. Group members can work on projects with Dean for the semester and then group members can rotate again.

Information Sharing

Kilmer: A bathroom is currently being installed on the ground floor level.

Annex: Work continues on bar-coding and cataloging materials.

Chang: Completed a shift of the periodicals. A smaller reorganization of the circulation shelves is also being done. Many fall reserves have come in.

Douglass: Kelly(admin) is back. Work on the Lennox papers is also being conducted.

Chemistry: The floor plan is being reorganized to accommodate a separate reference section and to make the space more usable.

Alexander: Due to budget cuts, the merger of the undergraduate reserve desk and the circulation desk will take place this semester. This will most likely result in increased traffic at the circulation desk.

LSM: The weeding project is close to its 35,000-volume mark. Weeding will continue, with additional volumes being routed to Better World Books and the book sale. Many fall reserves have come in

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