Minutes of December 8, 2006 meeting

Marc Forster, Ray Balter, Chiaki Yamada , Meghan Lord (minutes), Michele Tokar
Kevin Conover, Paul Young, Gill Newton, and Sandy Marsh


Student Quiz

Discussion on the circulation quiz for student workers continued.

Michele mentioned that Chiaki will be part of a sub group that will receive training on "Captivate" next year. Captivate is meant to be used in conjunction with Sakai. She also said that it was important that the quiz be used sooner rather than later. Marc proposed a question answer of the week be posted in billboard style on the student workers bulletin board. Marc is currently is displaying, messages and reminders on the desktops as a scrolling news ticker.

The group reviewed the quiz and decided that the addition of questions on remote access and accompanying materials would be beneficial. At this point a brief discussion on the use of the quiz and how this should affect phrasing ensued.

It was suggested that because of its length, it would be helpful to break the quiz into multiple parts. The importance of the quiz as a didactic tool was reiterated.

Patron Registration

The problem of duplicate patron records was discussed. Though some are the result of difficulties in merging records, most are created at the circulation desk at night and on the weekends. It was agreed that students and the staff who are on their shifts need to be reminded of the appropriate procedures for registration. It was also pointed out that the process for removing duplicate records is time consuming and we should try to avoid creating these at the point of registration.

GL3.1 testing and upgrades.

The group discussed testing and the Workflows update that will occur over winter break and this spring. The change to GL3.1 will occur during winter break and the change to the Java client will most likely take place after spring break.

Problems with the testing were as follows (testing was done in the J client. Most of these issues were not a problem in the C client)

Moldy Items

The group reviewed Collection Management documentation regarding the treatment of moldy items from the collection.

Q: Why is the stamp necessary if the items have been treated?
A. Thought the mold is no longer alive, and therefore able to spread, staining may still be visible.

New Toolbars

Modifying toolbars will be difficult in the new client ( the J client). Though old standard toolbars will be imported, the group discussed possible wizard additions. Both booking and request wizards were suggested. It was also suggested that an override be added to the new user registration and maintain existing titles wizards, so that students would not have access to these wizards.

Information Sharing

Douglass - A project to label large books from the stacks as Folios has been completed. Many underage non-Rutgers adolescents have been coming to the library without a guardian. Many of these unaccompanied teenagers are using the computers to play video games and search "My Space."

Alex - nothing new to report

LSM - There is a new hire: Christine Duffy. She will be the new UMDNJ/Rutgers liaison. The books that are being donated to Better World Books will be sent out on December 15th; over 150 boxes will be shipped. Marc is working on the spring schedule for students; he already has most of the schedule prepared. Marc has organized the daily distribution of food and small tokens of appreciation for the students during finals. This seems to work better than having one big party, so all the students get to enjoy the food on their shift.

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