Minutes of February 22, 2007 meeting

Michele Tokar, Gillian Newton, Meghan Lord (Minutes), Ray Balter, Chiaki Yamada, Marc Forster, Kevin Conover, Paul Young, Sandy Marsh


Michele welcomed everyone and introduced a new member to the group: Sandy Marsh, from Camden.

New User Registration Properties: Duplication Checking on

A property called: " User Duplicate Searching," is now available under New User Registration in WorkFlows. The property is a good tool to use to avoid creating duplicate users. Directions for using this property are as follows:" right click on New User Registration, Click on Properties. In the "Behavior Tab, " there is a section called "User Duplicate Searching,' make sure to click the radio button that says "Duplicate Checking On." Then you can choose the criteria to search by. The group discussed which properties it would be most useful to select as search criteria when using this function. SSN, student ID#, name and email were all primary choices.

Last year, systems ran a report that totaled over 900 duplicate users. The above property will be a useful tool in preventing multiple records for the same user.

Sandy said that Camden staff had problems when registering Rowan and Camden County students. She will get back to the group regarding this.

Mid-Year Report

The group reviewed the mid-year report and discussed which goals had been accomplished and which were still being worked on.

Completed goals are:

New Goals and Goals in progress are:

The Libraries website and the NBL page: revision of staff resources webpages

As part of the ongoing efforts to improve the library website, the circulation group has been asked to contribute ideas about what information and documentation should be available under staff resources.

A workgroup (Michele, Gillian, Meghan) was formed to work on this project.

The group will look at what documentation should be readily available:

What else would be looked for?

Michele asked the group to also consider what layout would be best for the site.

Marc emphasized the importance of accessibility and pointed out the availability of the desktop.

The nbl site is still available for review and can now be found at nbl.--Rutgers.edu. (remove --)

Toolbar for J-Client

The group continued its discussion of the circulation toolbar for J-Client. A list of possible wizards was handed around for group members to edit as they thought fit. The group suggested the toolbar should appear as follows:

Common TasksItems Holds
Checkout User Change Item ID    Place Hold
Discharging Delete Title… Display User Holds
Display User   Modify Holds for User
User Registration   Remove User Holds
Modify User   Display Item Holds
Billing a User   Modify Holds for Item
Paying Bills   Remove Item Hold
Item Search and Display     Trap Holds
Add Brief Title    
Receive Transit   Special
    Modify Due Dates
    Discharging Bookdrop

Send Message wizard does work and will send a message to a user's My Account. The group was not sure if we need this feature.

It was asked if it would be possible to place and active link in Workflows that would lead to the online borrowers chart.
Michele asked Chris Sterback and he said this was not possible.

Issues with J-Client were briefly discussed: no barcode carry-over between windows, very slow, often causes computers to freeze because it requires so much memory.

Student Quiz

The student quiz has been distributed at LSM. The coordinator of the student group share this with student coordinators at other units to distribute to student workers and vouchers. The quiz was regarded well by students at LSM. Out of 23 questions, the average number of questions answered incorrectly was 4.8. Students had trouble with questions regarding how to change an address, PALCI, and renewals.

Information Sharing

Paul (LSM, Alex) - reported handling a record number of PIN requests (74) through AAL; Paul is overseeing a number of staff and voucher employees who are helping to file the topographic maps at LSM. A DocRef shift is occurring at ALEX.

Marc, Kevin, Michele (LSM) - the elevator is working again; the automatic front door continues to open and close without a person actually being there. This is challenging in the winter because so much cold air blows into the building. The Facilities department is trying to fix this Weeding has nearly been completed. It was determined that LSM will continue to weed approximately 500 items per month without a set deadline, although the shift will begin this summer.

Chiaki, Ray (Douglass) - The library has recently been very hot. Underage children from the surrounding city continue to come into the Douglass Library without chaperones. There is concern that they are tampering with some of the computers and other technical equipment. Douglass staff and librarians are looking into securing some of the equipment.

Meghan, Gillian (Alex) - staff have started to prepare for Access Services Ivies Plus symposium

Sandy (Camden) - shifting; project to reclassify journals as regular stacks material is underway.

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