Minutes of May 17, 2007 meeting

Chiaki Yamada, Shawn Moriarity, Daphne Roberts, Mike Mansouri, Marc Forster, Paul Young, Meagan Lord, Raymond Balter, Christine Duffy, Krista Dandurand, Adam Wolfson, Gillian Newton, Michele Tokar (minutes)
Kevin Conover (excused), Sandy Marsh (excused), Dean Meister

The Circulation Group met through the Sakai chat room online.


The group congratulated Krista and Paul on completeing their MLS degree. They will both be graduating this spring.

Information Services training: discussion

Michele asked the group what they thought about the Information Services training.

The majority of the group thought that the training was helpful, but would like to see more advanced training in researching articles, etc. The group thought the review of IRIS was a little rudimentary for most staff. Marc from LSM, Shawn from Kilmer, and Chiaki from Douglass said that at their units ( in the evenings and weekends when there is no reference staff), they were asked very specific questions about business, science, media, or woman studies. They said that Academic Search Premier did not always give them all the answers they needed. Members of the group also discussed some of the problems with Academic Search Premier such as links that did not work. The group memebers talked about their new roles in answering more reference type questions and the changing roles of Access Services staff. In general group members were open to answering questions but still somewhat uncomfortable in answering reference type questions ( they feel as though they are not skilled enough yet). The group wondered about the future of reference librarians in the library. The group discussed the circulation and reference desks and wondered how coverage would change in the future. Chiaki said the combined desk at Douglass worked well. The group heard that some librarians at other Universities, did not have set desk hours but were on call to answer questions. The circulation group wondered if this was a possibility at Rutgers University Libraries in the future. The biggest concern was where do we draw the line between something that is too complicated for access services to answer, and something we can answer. Michele suggested that we always refer to a reference librarian at another unit if available, or give a call back number of a specialist they could talk to later. Some units said they had business cards from librarians that they could hand out. This may a good idea for all units to have. The group talked about keeping stats at the Circulation desk for reference questions that are asked. Chiaki and Adam shared the statistic sheets they were using. The group thought the other libraries might be interested in using these sheets.

GL3.1 Training

Everyone in the group said they had signed up for te GL3.1 training sessions and they had started using the Java client in their libraries and had the Java client on their personal workstations. Some group members mentioned that some permissions were blocked. Staff need to tell their supervisor and get in touch with the systems office to fix this. Group members were worried about property settings. The GL3.1 training group is working with Chris Sterback to get these set up. Group members had questions about macros. The Reserve macros should be working. Kartie and the RDS group will be working on those shortly.

Free article delivery

The group expressed their concerns or questions about free article delivery that will start this summer. The group thought that LSM and the Annex would be hit with a lot of requests. Michele said that all units were projecting their needs should the precentage of requests increase dramatically. The group asked if there were any limits on the amount of articles that one patron could request. Michele said there were no limits at this time.

How to update addresses in the summer

Students load differently in the summer. Students are only loaded if they are taking classes in the summer. Whenever a student wants to make an address change in the summer starting from now until September, please make sure to update their address in WorkFlows and tell students to update their address in the Rutgers Directory. Faculty and Staff are loaded all summer as long as they are on payroll. Faculty and Staff can make address changes in the Rutgers Directory themselves. We do not need to update their address in WorkFlows unless they are not loaded in. We still make all address changes for alumni and guests. Always fill in both address fields when registering new users.

Courtesy notices for alumni

Alumni courtesy notices will be sent to new graduates June 1st. A similar notice is sent to new grads without checkouts. The notices instruct graduates to bring a photo ID and Alumni ID card to any circulation desk if they want an alumni-borrowing card. Can this letter be accepted as identification in lieu of an Alumni ID card? If a new grad has made a trip to the library, has a copy of the notice and photo ID, then I think yes, it's a judgment call and you can issue an alumni card. This would be an exception, however, not a publicized policy. We will continue to ask new grads to bring an Alumni ID. If the system has created the alumni record, please make sure you delete the eden account from e-mail and replace it with the user Make sure you have alumni brochures on hand to hand out. These can be ordered through Jill Morrow.

Staff Learning/Quiz options

Michele said she is working on posting the student quiz on Sakai. She asked the group what they thought about having a quiz for staff. The group thought that some staff might feel threatened by this. The group agreed that a tip of the week, etc might be a good idea. The group nomintaed Paul to work on this since he came up with very good questions for the student quiz. The group said there were a number of options for posting these questions or tips. Some suggestions were to post them on a board next to the circulation desk, post them on Sakai, send them out through Circ Sub.

Information Sharing

LSM: They are painting the Ceiling in the special Collections Room in preparation for teleconferencing equipment. LSM got new Map cases. These cases will be installed on the second and third floor.

Douglas: Demolition began at Douglass for the Sharon Fordham Media Lab.

Kilmer: They got some new equipment at media. new chairs for room 10, and some new shelving. Kilmer got a new desensitizer/sensitizer. The Reference department is meeting about creating more study rooms

Alexander: Lots of book returns. Several incidents at Alex over the past month.

Chemistry: They are working on a shift.

Chang: Quiet

Gov Docs: GovDocs...moved several volumes of indexes from ALEX to LSM last week. Ellen Calhoun will review them for cataloging

Next meeting June 21st at 2 pm location TBA

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