Minutes of June 21, 2007 meeting

Ray Balter, Kevin Conover, Krista Dandurand, Christine Duffy, Meagan Lord, Mike Mansouri, Gillian Newton (minutes), Michele Tokar, Chiaki Yamada, Paul Young.
Sandy Marsh, Joyce Watson, Adam Wolfson, Shawn Moriarity, Daphne Roberts, Marc Forster
Dean Meister


1. GL3.1

2. 21 Day Overdue Notices

The text of the 21 Day Overdue Notices has been updated to add that the item may still be renewed. The new text is:


The following Library materials are three weeks overdue. This is your second notice about these items. Please return or renew these items or you will be expected to pay replacement and processing costs averaging $102.00 per item. Contact the Circulation department of any Rutgers library for the actual cost of replacement. You will not be charged $102.00 per item if you return or renew these materials. To renew materials go to:
http://www.iris.rutgers.edu/iris.html. Select MY ACCOUNT and use the "Renew Checkouts" option.

If you do not respond to this message promptly, your borrowing privileges will be suspended, and if you are a student, a hold will be placed on your academic record. There are University-wide consequences to unpaid fees as well, such as withholding diplomas and transcripts.

If you have questions about this notice or you would like to discuss your library record, please contact the Circulation department of any Rutgers library or write to Ask a Librarian at http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/ask_a_lib/ask_a_lib.shtml.

Thank you for your prompt response to this message.

3. Banning Letters

The Student Judicial Affairs Office will send letters to banned library patrons. The letters will not come directly from the library. So far, the Student Judicial Affairs Office has issued letters to two patrons banning them from all university premises. Copies of the letters are kept by the Unit Supervisors in case they need to be referred to.

4. Circulation Web page Documents: How To's

The design for the Circulation web page on the RUL web site is being reviewed by Judy Gardner. The Circulation group reviewed the proposed pages on Accompanying Materials and Pub Notes. Other How-To pages will be discussed at the next meeting.

5. Year End Report

The goals for 2006 and new goals for 2007 were discussed. Most goals for 2006 were met, although two items Update of Circulation Training Guidelines and Welcome Notebook for new staff are still in process. The Goals that were met were:

New goals for 2007 include working with the student group to create a customer service quiz/workshop for student and part time employees and completing the work on the Circulation Web page for the RUL web site and continue to use Sakai.

6. RU Connection Card Services

Beginning 7/1/07 Faculty/Staff and Visitors will need to obtain RU Connection cards at the UHR office on Cook Campus. Beginning on 8/27/07 new facilities will open for students to obtain RU Connection cards on each campus at Housing Operations Offices. Currently the College Avenue office is the only one available for students to obtain cards. For more information visit the Ru Connection webpage:

7. Information Sharing

LSM - Krista is now at LSM; weeding of 35,000 items is complete but will soon be getting new dissertations to shelve; a shift will begin in July; teleconferencing equipment is being installed; Kevin and Christine will now do all electronic reserves for Busch Campus; Christine and Michele recently attended UMDNJ School of Public Health orientation; Christine has a new form on which to record borrowing privileges for UMDNJ patrons.

Math - Mike has been shifting. Will start moving periodicals soon to accommodate new books

Physics - Quiet

Gov Docs - At LSM has a new RefCom cabinet for CDs. Will soon shift RefCom materials. At Alex doing a mini-shift.

Douglass - Chiaki got married; Ray has a new son; A new media center is being built as part of the library.

Alex - Currently training Circ student employees on J. client.

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