Minutes of July 26, 2007 meeting

Ray Balter, Kevin Conover, Krista Dandurand, Christine Duffy, Mike Mansouri, Gillian Newton, Michele Tokar, Chiaki Yamada, Sandy Marsh, Shawn Moriarty (minutes), Adam Wolfson, Daphne Roberts, Joyce Watson.
Meghan Lord, Paul Young, Dean Meister, Marc Forster


1. Circulation Annual Report

New Goals for 2007-2008:

Michele also discussed the decreasing circulation statistics for the majority of libraries. The total circulation for all libraries is down 1.5-2% this year. From 2005-2006, there was a 6.5% decrease.

2. Iris Contingency Plan

Michele reviewed the plan, which outlines how to handle IRIS downtime. She passed a copy around the table for staff to review. There were no questions at the meeting, but Michele encouraged all to review the plan, which is posted in the Staff Resources section of the library website, at their leisure. They may direct any questions to her.

3. Circulation Webpage

Michele worked on the content and layout of the Circulation Webpage with Meghan and Gillian. Sam McDonald posted the information on the site in a slightly different format, which favored vertical scrolling rather than a one-page chart format. Most of the group preferred Sam's layout with the addition of an index at the top of the page to enhance navigation. Michele will meet with Sam tomorrow to finalize the site.

Sandy wanted all staff to be aware of how to handle older academic holds in which items are charged at 67.00. The matter was discussed, but most agreed this is not information that must be included on the Circulation webpage, as these issues could always be referred to billing staff. She will discuss this matter with Barry and the billing group.

4. Information Sharing

Circ Subgroup (via email) - Dean is still running reports for claims returned lists, and will be meeting with the Circ Subgroup in August to explore further options.

Dana - The Jclient is not yet implemented on circulation computers, as the computers need to be replaced. Lynn Mullins has retired, Au is acting director. They have starting to ask for identification from all patrons in the evening.

Camden - Katie Anderson is expecting a baby. Terry McNally has returned after a long absence. In May, a new worker started in the technical services area. More computers are being installed. It is very noisy and there is no air-conditioning. A large addition to the law school is in progress, which causes some logistical difficulties.

LSM - the floors are being waxed upstairs. There is a new exhibit in the Special Collections honoring Nobel Prize winner Selman Waksman. In August, they will hold a reception honoring Waksman and his colleague Boyd Woodruff. Woodruff will be in attendance.

LSM ILL - Krista should be receiving a new barcode gun.

Douglass - All computers on the ground floor now require a login. Construction of the Fordham lab continues.

Alex - It has been unusually cold in the building. Staff have continued the shifting project and have been training students in the use of the Jclient.

Chemistry - Two computers are running the Jclient and they are working well.

Physics - The circulation computer is not powerful enough to run the Jclient. Mike is not sure if and when the computer will be replaced.

Media - Staff is preparing for the fall. They are updating a training and orientation guide for student workers. Media will continue to run the Cclient until the booking module has been implemented within the Jclient.

Kilmer-Barry and Georgina have been out due to injury and illness. Alfreda and Kevin have been filling in temporarily. The Jclient is being run on all circ computers but there are definite speed concerns. The staff computer has not yet been updated.

Chang - Rae was on vacation. Andy opened the library and covered lunches. Rugs are being shampooed.

The next Circulation Group meeting will be held August 16th. Judy Gardner and Tom Glynn will attend to discuss further Information Services Training.

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