Minutes of August 23, 2007 meeting

Marc Forster, Krista Dandurand, Meghan Lord, Gillian Newton, Chiaki Mills, Christine Duffy (minutes), Michele Tokar, Joyce Watson, Mike Mansouri, Paul Young, Ray Balter
Adam Wolfson, Sondra Marsh, Shawn Moriarity, Kevin Conover, Dean Meister, Daphne Roberts


Michele opened the meeting by introducing two guests: Judy Gardner, Head of Access Services, and the SCILS intern: Caroline Caviness. Caroline is currently at the Alexander Library and will be rotating to other libraries this fall.

New semester: Patron Registration Review:

New registration:

First on the Agenda were a few reminders for all circulation staff:

Judy reminded everyone to search thoroughly when searching for a user in WorkFlows. Please search all aspects of a new patron.: Alt ID, name, etc to avoid creating duplicate users.

Duplicate User Checking:

There has been some confusion with the function buttons for registering a new user since the addition of the Check Duplicate User feature. There are now several buttons at the bottom of the screen once you begin to register a new user. These are: "Register User," "Check Duplicate User," " Modify," "Register Another User," and "Close." Be mindful of all these choices when creating a new user. Some staff reported that they have created a new user record, only to find out later that the address information did not stick. This may happen staff have accidentally clicked "Register Another User," instead of "Register User."

Customer Service:

Staff should reacquaint themselves with the Customer Service Standards. Michele read all the standards to the group. The core components of these standards are: approachable, communicate well and be courteous. These customer service standards are available at: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/access_serv/policies/customer_service_standards.shtml

New brochures have been printed and updated; please make sure to browse through them. Brochures should be up to date in your library. Members of the Circulation Group should follow up at their own units.

New RU Connection cards for students

New RU ID's have been issued to students. Faculty and Staff cards are the same. The cards say the word student but fail to show if they are ugrads or grads. The cards no longer display Student Id numbers. Staff were concerned that students would not remember their student ID numbers. This type of ID will cause some problems at the Alexander Library since students need to show ID to access the Graduate Reading Room. Newark will have the same ID's as New Brunswick in the near future.

"Transforming Undergraduate Education"

Michele enrolled in one of the sessions on "Transforming Undergraduate Education" The discussion offered a lot of interesting information regarding the new structure of the University but not all the information was directly relevant to library staff. The following points were of interest to library staff:

Michele suggested the group take a look at the Transforming Undergraduate Education section on the Rutgers Main page. The websites, which offer information, are:

http://ur.rutgers.edu/transform_ru -- the Transforming Undergraduate Education site, which has been updated and features Frequently Asked Questions;

http://undergraduate.rutgers.edu -- the Office of Undergraduate Education page, with detailed descriptions of the new academic opportunities awaiting students;

http://studentaffairs.rutgers.edu -- the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs page, with links to newly organized departments such as Recreation, University Student Centers, Judicial Affairs, and other student life areas;

http://ruinfo.rutgers.edu -- a clearinghouse of information about Rutgers offices, programs, facilities, calendars, and more.

Circulation Webpage

Michele met with Sam McDonald to work on the circulation webpage. All group pages may be posted live in October. Michele asked that group members work on a draft of the sections they were given to work on. The group liked the way the page was shaping up so far.


The Student test is now up on SAKAI. Student coordinators should contact Michele with student e-mails so she can add their names to the Sakai site so they can take the quiz.

The Circulation group will work with Rose and the student coordinator group this fall to develop customer service training for students.

All Rutgers Library staff and Students have new name badges. Does everyone have one?

Free article delivery is running so far with no glitches

"MY ACCOUNT" is now across the top of the Library's main page.

Roger is working on Access Services public web site.

Campus Center Kiosk will be up again this year.

029 Report will now be completely online with limited access. Please see you billing coordinator for any information.

Information sharing

- Marc modified the current "new user registration form" which includes a space for the RU ID number. Judy suggested this be brought to the next ASC meeting Marc has hired a number of new voucher students. Christine reported she received new rosters for UMDNJ patrons. Krista commented that the new ILS system is working smoothly. Another shipment has gone out to Better World books. The luncheon went for Dr. Woodruff went well. Kevin Conover is now back at LSM from Kilmer.
- Joyce is getting ready for the new semester.
Gov Docs
- Paul mentioned that a mini shift was needed in Gov Docs.
- Chiaki has changed her last name to Mills. Her e-mail address is the same.
- Gillian has been working reserves at Alex while the regular reserve staff is on vacation.
- Mike has almost finished shifting; added new books may be a problem. He needs students for Physics

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