Minutes of December 6, 2007 meeting

Raymond Balter (minutes), Pat Bellanca, Kevin Conover, Krista Dandurand, Christine Duffy, Marc Forster, Meghan Lord, Mike Mansouri, Eugene McElroy, Dean Meister, Chiaki Mills, Michele Tokar, Paul Young
Daphne Roberts, Gillian Newton
Roger Smith


Faculty Emeritus

Emeritus faculty have not been able to access our remote resources, but since many are still doing important research, it was decided that they should be able to do so. Michele reminded the group that the status "EMERITUS" has been added to the demographics tab when registering emeritus faculty at the circulation desk. She explained that there is a list of all emeritus faculty on the T drive, and if their name is on that list, that is sufficient enough proof to register them. They do not need to present any form of ID as long as their name is on that list. Emeritus will be able to register in-person, over the phone, or through Ask a Librarian. Their Alt ID would be their social security number. This change, which began November 15th, now gives Emeritus faculty barcode and pin access to remote resources.

Guest E-mail accounts

As mentioned, Emeritus faculty will be able to log in with their barcode and pin to get remote access. Michele is not sure yet if they have an email account. If they receive an rci account, it will most likely be an RCI guest account. A "guest" rci account would not allow them access through the libraries proxy. Michele said this is also the case for UMDNJ students and for visiting scholars, both of whom must use their barcodes and pins to gain remote access. The group was asked to keep in mind then that not all rci accounts are "created equal", so to speak.

Since the resources on the library website are considered databases, RUL would like only for current faculty and staff to have access to them. The group discussed the students that come in over the summer to get their eden accounts, and are given temporary guest eden accounts. Many of them have encountered problems accessing the indexes and databases. Michele will follow up with OIT to find out if summer students get a "guest" eden account or a regular eden account.

Previous ID in user records and checkouts

The group discussed what to do when the message USER NOT FOUND is displayed (after scanning in a patron barcode). Search the user by name in Workflows. Let's say the user has an online record but is registered with a different barcode than the one on the back of their RU ID, and the barcode from the RU ID is actually displayed in their note field. (This may be the case because the patron had lost their old card, was given a new one, but has since found the old card and is attempting to use it again. Many times, these users have registered through Ask A Librarian). If the barcode you want to scan into their record is in the note field, you will need to scan in two other barcodes (off of the barcode sheets sent by the systems department), one after the other, before Workflows will accept the barcode on the back of their RU Connection card.

Michele cautioned the group to be very careful to look at the ID and the user name on the screen, and to make sure they match in order to avoid checking out items to the wrong user.

Online RA Form

An online Research Assistant application is being designed. The availability of this online RA application will provide Faculty members with an easy and convenient method to apply for RA cards. At the last Access Services Committee meeting, the group members recommended changes to the document:

These changes were incorporated.

When faculty members fill out the form, they will have to include the Research Assistants RU ID number, and once completed, an auto- generated reply will be sent to them. In general, Research Assistants must be affiliated with the University. If a faculty member wishes to use a non Rutgers affiliate as a Research Assistant, please forward this information to Judy for review. The group also discussed the issue of whether staff can apply for a research assistant as well. If a staff inquires about getting a research assistant card, please refer the them to the Head of Access Services.

Duplicate user records

Chris Sterback and Bob Warwick ran another duplicate user report, and that even with filters on, the list still has 1300 users on it. Michele may contact some members of the group to ask for help in merging these records. She also said that there are a lot of people who graduate from Rutgers and then come to work at Rutgers, and that the system is maintaining both records. Michele said to please contact her with any questions or concerns regarding this.

Michele mentioned that if you're confused because you can't find the person by name, but you can find them by searching their barcode, you should switch to searching by "BROWSE" instead of by "KEYWORD" when in DISPLAY USER.

Ban and Discipline Requests

The group two new procedural draft updates:

Ban Request: This would be applicable for non-Rutgers students that have repeatedly caused some sort of disturbance, or engaged in criminal activity, within the Rutgers. A Ban Request would come only after an incident report has been written. Problem patrons are referred to your immediate supervisor and the appropriate action will be taken. The group was told that Valeda Dent is the contact person should this situation arise All requests ultimately go through the Office of Student Judicial Affairs. They make the determination.

Discipline Request: This request is for Rutgers students that have behaved inappropriately or caused a problem within Rutgers libraries. A Discipline Request would come only after an incident report has been written. Problem patrons are referred to your immediate supervisor and the appropriate action will be taken. The matter is passed on to the Assistant Head or Head of Access Services. All requests ultimately go through the Office of Student Judicial Affairs. The Office of Student Judicial Affairs refer the case to the appropriate dean.

Alumni Records

If a student graduates in May, they will be loaded in September as alumni. Their record will remain in the system until that time as Ugrad or Grad. Staff should let the record remain as is since it will roll over in the fall. It was pointed out that once loaded, the record is static, and that systems will purge it if there is no activity.

The group also decided that it would like for alumni records to have a two-year expiration date, as opposed to the current one-year period. This was made official through the Access Services Committee. Marc Forster said he would like to see if emails may be sent to alumni, notifying them that their privileges are about to expire.

Information Sharing

Christine (UMDNJ): A new group of public health students were in for orientation. She said that they will not be on the UMDNJ lists until next year, so if they do come in, get their names, issue them a barcode, notify her, and she'll activate them. Anyone visiting the UMD NJ library at the Robert Wood Johnson Hospital will need to sign in each time they visit. This is a new procedure.

Meghan (Alex): Meghan is enjoying her new job and said it's very busy at Alex. Students are getting nervous as finals are approaching.

Pat (Alcohol): Library hours have been extended: 9-5, Monday thru Friday. New Librarian is Judit Ward. Library requests have increased since the "free-delivery".

Mike (Chemistry/Physics): The shift at Chemistry went well, and now they have more space for the collection. Apparently many students did not know where the Physics library was, so after a discussion with Judy and Andy, a sign has been put up in the Physics building. This has helped. The Physics library will be getting a new copy machine that will be connect to the public PC's.

Krista (ILS): A sign is now up at the desk informing students of the new recall due date, and Krista has used this to promote and inform them about library resources such as EZ Borrow.

Dean (Annex): Dean is still alone at Annex, but said that Jasmine's position should be filled soon. Requests are up, scanning is up, and the elevator was out of service recently.

Eugene (SMLR): There's been a lot of scanning of articles recently. Eugene also asked if the group would consider having a meeting at SMLR sometime soon.

Marc (LSM): Marc had no news to report.

Paul (Alex/LSM): From the 14th through the 21st, Alex will be open 24 hours. However, it will close at 5pm on the 22nd. He said the most frequently asked question he receives from students lately is about the availability of outlets for their laptops. Gov Docs is busy as usual.

Kevin (LSM) Kevin is still helping out and covering shifts at Kilmer

Chiaki (Douglass): There were two occurrences at Douglass that morning which warranted the writing of incident reports. One involved a university student whose erratic behavior necessitated RUPD involvement, and the other was a student whose wallet was stolen from her backpack.

Michele (LSM): The shift is still in progress at LSM. The elevator has been breaking down on a fairly consistent basis lately.

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