Minutes of April 2008 Meeting

Raymond Balter, Kevin Conover, Krista Dandurand, Marc Forster, Jennifer Holland (minutes), Jill Locasio, Meghan Lord, Mike Mansouri, Sondra Marsh, Stephanie Mikitish, Chiaki Mills, Daphne Roberts, Michele Tokar, Paul Young
Christine Duffy, Dean Meister, Joyce Watson
Andy Martinez


  1. Add Brief Title and Item types
  2. Circulation's Borrowers chart
  3. Projects
  4. Announcements
  5. Information Sharing

1) Add Brief Title and Item Types changes in Workflows and IRIS presented by Andy Martinez

There will be changes in Workflows and IRIS which will affect circulation.

Currently, the home location and item type field are the same and this creates problems with user initiated holds. Holds are allowed even if the item does not circulate. The system does not currently block item holds due to the lack of circulating information and this causes a delay for patrons to know whether or not the book they requested is allowed to circulate. A task force was created and recommended using the item type for the specific kind of item, i.e. book or microfiche, and also a Y or N denoting whether the item circulates. Y for yes, N for no. There will be 40 new item types with circulation information.

Michele asked if this would mean that reference materials could potentially be shelved with circ items. Andy states that this can occur due to home location now no longer being the circulation notation. There is another question concerning stamping versus online statuses of items and after the conversion which will be the determining factor of an item's circulation. Andy states that the online will be the most up to date hence the followed and the stamps will stop from being used altogether. The conversion is scheduled to begin in July/August of 2008. A handout was given that displayed the expected layout of the altered IRIS which included the three new fields. Andy noted that 3.4 million items will need to be converted. Several reports that deal with home location or item type will need to be re-evaluated and possibly altered. Also, some Circ-on-the-fly policies will need to be changed.

Michele asked about the change and its effects on reserve and its item type. Andy responded noting that reserve will have an item type and that the reserve group will have to look at any problems that may arise from the conversion. It was noted that a lot of record editing will have to change. Circ-on- the-fly will use an item cat1 or cat2 for technical services items because now items will no longer be directed to send to TECHSR when there is a problem. A note will have to pop up to direct the circ worker where to send the item.

2) Circ Borrower's Chart

It was Krista's idea to standardize the Circ Borrower's Chart and display it as an icon directly on the desktop. Michele will look into this.

3) Projects

A draft letter needs to be written up and sent to faculty about the new operations for a research assistant getting a card. This will include the necessary link for the online submittal of the card. Meagan volunteered to help compose this letter.

The current procedures regarding accompanying materials were questioned and discussed. If the accompanying materials are missing from an item upon check out it is to be stamped with a damaged stamp and written down what is missing from the item along with the date and initials. When it is returned it should then be sent to DTS. It was discussed whether a note on the item record is necessary and decided that it is probably a good idea to do this. This note should prompt staff to route the item to DTS.

Michele discussed the idea of scanning the various RU Connection cards and making a document to be linked with the Circ borrower's chart for RUL employees to be able to access when setting up a new account. This was decided against as the cards were very similar in appearance and there were minimal differences between them.

Another project was the creation of a courtesy letter to send to alumni and community borrowers about losing their privileges when they are on the brink of it.

4) Announcements

New Billing Procedures & Workflows Downtime- There will be no more academic holds placed on students. There will still be diploma and transcript holds, but students will no longer have their class registration access denied due to overdue items and fines. There may be the need to write some follow up letters to students' homes with overdue items in an effort to get books back . There is not date as of yet set for when this will go into effect.

Oracle Migration- The Oracle Migration will go into effect May 19-21 and will cause downtime for workflows and IRIS. There will be no work done in Workflows at all and IRIS . The downtime will occur during graduation, so there will be a difficulty removing diploma holds. Systems will run a report of who is on diploma hold with the patron's name and checkouts. Alex, LSM, Robeson and DANA will use a PC based offline circ. program for checking items out. This is called Standalone. All other libraries will need to fill out forms for check-outs. An e-mail will go out later about the discharging situation that will arise from this downtime.

Marc Forster (LSM) suggested the following as a partial solution to the problem of graduating seniors and Workflows downtime: Instruct Billing personnel to create a printout of the information surrounding a patron's overdue material at the same time they are placing the diploma hold. In this way, patrons who question the hold can be informed as to the basis for it. Having the billing person's name in the note field will enable staff to contact the appropriate library as needed.

Infolink Swap

There were a few volunteers for the Infolink Swap including Meagan Lord, Stephanie Mikitish, and Abdullah Sherzad. The Infolink swap will be be between Rutgers and Seton Hall. There are also a few upcoming NJALA workshops for those who may be interested.

5)Information Sharing

Krista Dandurand - LSM
There has been an increase in requests for supplies at the circulation desk. Patrons have asked for everything from clean file folders, to staples, to a ream of paper. Some patrons get very agitated when they are denied supplies. Because there is no formal policy on what we will and won't provide patrons, I would like to propose we discuss this during an upcoming meeting.

Ray Balter - Douglass
The air conditioning isn't working properly at Douglass and the Fordham Center has yet to open. There also have been a rash of thefts that seem to involve 2 particular individuals who seem to be working together to steal patron items.

Marc Forster - LSM
LSM has lost one worker from the 3 A.M shift, and is looking for a suitable replacement.

Jennifer Holland - Chang
Everything has been fairly quiet as of late.

Sondra Marsh - Camden
It was bring your child to work day on Apr. 24 (the day of the meeting) it was quite successful with over 60 children and grandchildren doing activities in the building.

Chiaki Mills - Chang/Douglass
Nothing too new to report that hasn't been mentioned

Jill Locasio - Kilmer
Nothing too much to report except for a mouse on the first floor by Jill's desk, but hopefully the situation has been remedied.

Kevin Conover - LSM
Nothing to report

Paul Young - LSM GovDocs
There has been a large amount of new Doc items arriving recently for both ALEX and LSM from TSB.

Stephanie Mikitish - Alex
Nothing new to report

Meghan Lord - Alex
Nothing new to report

Mike Mansouri - Chem/Math
Nothing new to report

Michele Tokar - LSM
New teleconference equipment

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