Minutes of June 26, 2008 Meeting

Jill Locascio (minutes), Paul Young, Melanie Miller, Krista Dandurand, Mike Mansouri, Holly Muller, Michele Tokar, Raymond Balter, Chiaki Mills, Steph Mikitish, Christine Duffy, Meghan Lord, Marc Forster


Summer Students

If students are not taking summer classes, they do not load. Thus, any address changes must be done on Workflows. Staff can also direct patrons to RU directory so they can make necessary changes there as well. This does not affect Fac/Staff, Alumni, etc.

There was some confusion over the differences between online students and distance learners and how each loads as well as confusion over privileges concerning each. This matter will be investigated.

Courtesy Letters

Courtesy Letters reminding alumni to renew their privileges were sent out. The letters were very successful as they generated many phone calls from patrons renewing over the phone. Staff must remember to verify the address and emails on the records. VALE users, however, must come into the library with a new form. Similarly, visiting scholars are required to bring in a form and letter.

The question was raised as to whether there can be some kind of automatic setting to the new expiration date when choosing the "extend privileges" option. Systems will be consulted for this matter.

Add Brief Title/Circ on the Fly

There are changes pending in the system as to how items in the catalog appear to users as well as staff. Staff will no longer be able to edit certain categories in "circ on the fly". The "Item Cat 1" field will now say "TechSer". Also, staff must now also open the "edit item" wizard after creating the brief title in order to access the note field.

Staff should be aware of and notify students to be on the lookout for when these books come back and are discharged as the note that says "Route to DTS" will pop up.

Goals for Next Year

The possibility of more outreach was brought up, possibly in the form of kiosks located in student centers.

Information sharing

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