Minutes of August 21, 2008 meeting

Holly Muller, Mike Mansouri, L. Melanie Miller, Chiaki Mills, Stephanie Mikitish, Paul Young, Jill Locascio, Michele Tokar, Meghan Lord (minutes), Daphne Roberts, Sondra Marsh
Mark Forster, Christine Duffy
Judy Gardner


Information Sharing

Paul Young (Alex/LSM): A major shift is taking place in GovDocs at Alex. During the shift, he noticed that some of the shelves need to be reinforced. Work will proceed soon. Also, some previous editions of the United States Code have been sent to the Annex.

L. Melanie Miller(Math): Began weeding math stacks collection and gearing up for a shift of math collections.

Chiaki Mills(Douglass): Douglass Access Services staff are now responsible for taking care of Music Library's day-to-day operations. Some returning and all new student workers will be cross-trained to work at both Douglass and Music service desks. The library now has only three computers that are available for public use. All others are net id protected.

Mike Mansouri(Chem/Physics): Chemistry library:
Both printers were broken, one was fixed within two week and the second one took about 6 to 7 weeks to get fixed. These machines belong to Chemistry department and he was told that both machines will be replaced by one high capacity machine and the order is in place. He is just waiting for the new machine to arrive.
The other problem is the fax machine. Any fax he received was not readable. He has ordered a new fax machine.

Physics Library: Same problem with copy machine and fax. Physics department have ordered new machines for the department including the library. Also a new fax machine was approved and ordered.

Daphne Roberts(Media): The Media Center has been busy booking titles for class room use, reserves and Mediavision. An organizational change has taken place between the Media Center on Livingston and Music Media on Douglass. Judy will tell us more about that later.

Michele Tokar ( LSM) The second floor stacks shift has been completed. LSM will have extended hours again this year until 2am.

Review of Customer Service Standards, Information Service Standards, and Question Analysis and Referral Standards

The group read through this documentation as a refresher for the upcoming semester. The group shared experiences regarding these standards:

The library ombudsperson is Sybil James. She is available to help students with legal issues that may arise from library use or anything else at the University.

The new RUC’s printing policy limits the number of pages that students can print for free.

Michele reminded the group to order any brochures that might be needed for the upcoming semester.


VALE services are now available for the undergraduate students of some institutions. A participant list is available online on the VALE page that can be reached through the IRIS main page. If a Rutgers student, who is in good standing, would like to use this service they will need a VALE form that has been signed by Michele, Jeff or Judy. Pre-signed forms are available.


1. The group will compile a list of discharge notes along with a description of the particular behavior that each note is meant to elicit. Michele asked members to email her any suggestions. There was a demonstration of the most recent ‘add brief title’ procedure.

2. The group will review the borrowers chart. Judy is interested in recommendations to improve organization and usability. She suggested running reports in director’s station for individual borrower types in order to determine how many there are of each, are the records current, etc. The chart will be randomly divided at the next meeting and given to members for their perusal.

Holly, as she is on the disability committee, will talk about assisting users with disabilities at the next meeting.

In light of the upcoming semester, the importance of care in registering new users was discussed. Members used various anecdotes to illustrate particular problems that they had dealt with in the past.

The next meeting date has yet to be determined

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