Minutes of October 30, 2008 meeting

Ray Balter, Marc Forster, Meghan Lord, Mike Mansouri, Sondra Marsh, Stephanie Mikitish, Michele Tokar, Chiaki Yamada, Paul Young
Christine Duffy, Daphne Roberts, Joyce Watson


Procedure for Item Type/"This book does not Circulate"

The group reviewed the new document created by Andy Martinez from Collection Management and Melody Tomaszewicz from DTS.

The document explains the procedure Access services staff should follow when they encounter a stamp in a book that says "item does not circulate," but the online record allows the item to circulate.

In summary the document says:

Access Services staff should allow the item to circulate, but let the patron know they may have to bring it back in a few days.

Access Services staff will check out the item to the patron normally, and then fill out the "Item Type Conflicts with Book Stamp" form.

The form is then forwarded to the appropriate DTS office along with a printout of the Display Bibliographic Description (Red Book helper).

LSM DTS contact is Melody Tomaszewicz and the Alex DTS contact is Susan Brower

The directions and forms are available on the staff resources page Access Services, Circulation Group Procedures and Forms.

Symphony 3.2.1 release notes and testing

Michele passed around the release notes for Symphony 3.2.1 for review. She said some group members would be asked to test in test WorkFlows soon.

Test WorkFlows has been installed on many staff machines and is installed as a separate icon on the desktop.

The production system should be installed after the new year.

Discharge List

The group has started to compile a list of discharge messages and what to do with them.

So far, the list includes:

Borrower's Chart

Michele had group members pick several items from the borrower's chart to review.

Group members will go to the borrower's chart online and test out the instruction listed for each specific user in WorkFlows.

Group members will e-mail Michele with any questions/concerns or possible edits for the registration procedures for each borrower.

These are due on November 20th 2008.


The group reviewed the procedures for registering Emeritus users. The group discussed the difference between Emeritus and Retiree.

Emeritus get remote access, and retirees do not.

Marc Forster created a document with step by step instructions for registering an Emeritus user.

Information Sharing

Camden: Camden is acquiring compact shelving. They will be shifting the collection as a result of this. Camden is acquiring more computers. They will be testing the new computer security program along with New Brunswick and Newark. They have a sign up sheet for group study rooms.

LSM: LSM now has the smoking prohibited signs right outside the front door of the library. The 2am closing is working well. There are typically over 100 students in the building after midnight. There was a flood in the basement. The elevators were down for several days due to the flood.

Kilmer: The new group study rooms are very popular. Students can sign up for a room with a 24 hour notice. In general no reservations are necessary. The rooms are used on a first come first serve basis.

Douglass: Since Access services has acquired the music library, they have begun to do some work to organize the music carrels. Users are only allowed 30 items per carrel. Since the carrels do not lock, the items will be checked out to the carrel and not to the patron.

Physics/Chemistry: Nothing new at the moment

Alex: There are new bright lights in the Ugrad reading room. The library will be open extended hours during the winter session this year.

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