Minutes of November 20, 2008 Meeting

Marc Forster, Stephanie Mikitish, Meaghan Lord, Mike Mansouri, Paul Young, Daphne Roberts, Jill Locasio, Michele Tokar (minutes)
Chiaki Mills, Christine Duffy, Sandy Marsh, Ray Balter, Joyce Watson


  1. Borrower's Chart
  2. Registering New Users, (Address fields)
  3. Setting Properties in WorkFlows
  4. Add Brief Title Review
  5. Discharge Messages
  6. Information Sharing

The group met through Sakai Chat

1) Borrower's Chart

All members of the circulation group are continuing to review their sections of the borrower's chart. (These sections were distributed at a prior meeting) The group thought the following changes should be implemented in all categories:

The group is also looking at the overall format and deciding if any updates are necessary.

2) Registering New Users

Michele reminded group members to fill in both address fields when registering a new user. This is particularly important when adding records that will not load such as Visiting Scholars, or alumni. Make sure to put the address in address 1 and address 2. If the radio button switches to address 2 in the summer and there is nothing there, the mail, or e-mail will be returned to the University. This creates more work for staff and notices such as recall notices will arrive late to the person. It is also very important to get the correct ALT ID from the user. Remember that the tape load matches on the ALT ID ( this is a student number or SSN). If this is entered incorrectly and the patron loads, there will be 2 records for 1 patron.

3) Setting Properties in WorkFlows

Each library should make sure that properties are set correctly in WorkFlows. The most important properties that should be set are in the following wizards: Register New User and Add Brief Title.

The Properties for Register New User should be set to your home library, i.e. LSM, Kilmer, Math, Physics…

The Properties for Add Brief Title should also be set to your home library i.e. LSM , Kilmer, Math, Physics… and for the rest of how to set up properties, follow this link: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/access_serv/circulation/add_brief_title.pdf

4) Add Brief Title Review

Andy Martinez ran a report a few months after the new Add Brief Title directions were updated and distributed. He found a high percentage of error. Michele asked that everyone review the directions. These are available through this link: (http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/access_serv/circulation/add_brief_title.pdf)

The directions are also available on the libraries home page, About the Libraries, Staff Resources, Access Services, Circulation, Policies and procedures.

Creating a brief title requires that you use 2 wizards: The Add Brief Title Wizard and then the Edit Item Wizard. After Adding the Brief Title, you must add a Circ Note to the item. See the above link for directions.

5) Discharge Messages

There are two new discharge messages we get in Workflows. These changes have to do with the new Add Brief Title procedures and LocalMaint
Add Brief Title Discharge Message:
When the item is returned and discharged the "Route to DTS-Alex or DTS-LSM." message will appear on Screen. There is no need to charge this item out to a CS user
Ship the book to your local DTS or technical Services office. Boxes and envelopes
used to ship the items should be labeled "DTS-___: Att: Circ-on-the-fly" or "TS-___: Att:
Circ-on-the-fly". DO NOT send these items to Technical Services at TSB on Busch Campus.

If upon discharge, a message that says "LOCALMAINT" appears, then you DO check these items out to a CS-user and the ship them to the appropriate DTS department.

6) Information Sharing

LSM - Bathrooms and water fountains were closed/turned off due to water problems. There is a new wooden sculpture on the first floor. Eddie Suarez made new floor maps.

Kilmer - power outage last week that almost closed the library, water main break this week that did close the library, and yesterday and today heating problems that seem to slowly be improving. 2/3 of parking Lot 101 is closed

Alex - busy, getting ready for finals and still training the new students

Chemistry - Physics - power outage last week which resulted in the closure of both chemistry and physics libraries. Today we lost power for about 20 minutes at chemistry library.

Media - Daphne will be testing User-Initiated Bookings next month.

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