Minutes of February 19, 2009 Meeting

Ray Balter, Marc Forster, Jill Locasio, Meghan Lord, Mike Mansouri, Sondra Marsh, Stephanie Mikitish (minutes), Melanie Miller, Chiaki Mills, Daphne Roberts, Michele Tokar
Christine Duffy, Joyce Watson


Symphony 3.2.1 Upgrade

Group members suggested that it would be helpful to remove unnecessary options, such as the ability to check items as "seen" when renewing user items. Michele will talk with Chris Sterback about this.

Several group members also reported that after upgrade to Symphony, their PC’s tend to boot up and run more slowly. There were also some problems with scanning/scan guns in several locations. These scanning problems, including the barcode used can be reported to Chris Sterback. WorkFlows occasionally freezes and other programs, such as TimeTrak, do not work as fast or as well as they used to. This may be because some systems do not meet or barely meet the minimum requirements for the new WorkFlows.

Media Bookings

Michele passed around the updated instructions for J-Client Bookings. These instructions were written and distributed by the Media department, and will be posted online on the libraries homepage, under, Access Services, Circulation, Procedures. Permissions were granted to several units to allow the Bookings wizards to work in WorkFlows. There is now a separate tab for bookings on the circulation toolbar. The WorkFlows C client will eventually be removed from all computers.

Borrower's Chart

Michele and Stephanie have formed a subcommittee. They are working on the Borrower’s Chart. So far, the suggested changes are to include three new categories: Alt ID, How the user accesses remote acces, i.e. barcode/PIN or Net ID which users have certain privileges (ie RDS, PALCI, recall, off-campus access).

It was also mentioned that senior citizens auditing classes do not have remote access, which has caused some troubles this semester since their instructor put course material on reserve. Michele suggested that those faculty with senior citizen's in their classes should place their reserves on Sakai, so that all students would be able to access them from home.

Information Sharing

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