Minutes of May 28, 2009 Meeting

Michele, Sandy, Ray, Mike, Jill, Chiaki, Meghan, Melanie, Joyce, Daphne
Stephanie, Marc, Christine
Judy Gardner


  1. NET ID's
  2. Notices
  3. Borrower's Chart
  4. Information Sharing

Net id's

Net id's are set to replace alt. id's and social security numbers in Workflows. This is still being worked on in the Access Services Committee. Michele asked if anyone had any thoughts or concerns about this.

This change would allow users to login once through the Library site and My Account would automatically be opened. (This would still be a different login point than the one for remote access.)

This change is resulting from a university wide review of id cards. A change over to magnetic stripe readers, users would swipe their cards like in the gym or dining hall, has been discussed. We would still have two types of readers at the libraries though, one for id cards and another to scan book barcodes. The university is attempting to streamline the use of id cards and to make them more efficient. Many groups are meeting to come up with a Unified Identity Manager. The Library would be connected to a larger Rutgers database that would make registration (theoretically) immediate.

This is all part of the University Cabinet mandate to be rid of social security numbers as identifiers by the end of 2009.


The group reviewed the text of the automatically generated notices that users receive.

Borrowers Chart

The borrowers chat is still in the process of being redone. Thus far it has been reviewed in its entirety. The new chart will include additional information for each type of user, such as what to put in the alt id field and what services they have access to. Small format changes are likely to result from the difficulties of integrating various affiliate users.

Information Sharing

-The front entrance bridge will be repaired in June-July; the Music Library emergency exit will serve as our temporary entrance in the interim.
-The East Room collection will be shifted in preparation for the Media Services move.
-Staff have been doing a lot of shelving due to the lack of student workers.

Chemistry/ Physics:
1- finally we got our phone situation at physics library taken care of. The physics department had supply 2 new phones to our library. Our extensions are the same but to call the library, one must call the physics library main phone number and they will be prompt to dial the desired extension. the main no. is 732-445-5500 + 2171 for my office and + 2500 for circulation desk.
2- We have started the inventory project at physics library and as soon as it's done, we begin chemistry library.
3- The problem with new copy machine continues. We are waiting for a copy card/coin operating machine for physics library and department codes for faculty for chemistry library and we hope this problem to be resolved this summer.
4- We are going to receive another computer for circulation desk at physics library hopefully soon.
5- Chemistry department will provide a new full function phone for my office at the library again hopefully soon.

Still pretty busy even though the term is over. Also a lot of time has been spent preparing for new carpeting to be put down in many areas of the library.

Waiting to get the change machine and receipt printer installed. The Group study rooms got a lot of use this spring. The old imaging services office has been used as an additional study room.

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