Collection Analysis Group: Charge

Reporting to the AUL for Collection Development and Management (CDM), the Collections Analysis Group is the Libraries' primary group examining operational issues relevant to all library collections (including media), except issues unique to special collections. The charge for this permanent library group consists of:

The group's work shall comply with all applicable university policies, including Rutgers Policy Section 10.1.4 ("The Library System").

Membership includes collection analysts from four disciplinary areas - Arts and Humanities, General, Sciences, and Social Sciences, and representatives of directors of Dana, Health Sciences, New Brunswick, and Robeson libraries. The AUL/CDM nominates annually the collection analysts with the input of collection development librarians, and the director's representatives in consultation with respective directors. The University Librarian's Cabinet approves the nominations before the beginning of each fiscal year. The AUL/CDM and heads of both Central Technical Services and Distributed Technical Services serve as the ex officio members.

Under the leadership of the AUL/CDM, the group establishes annual goals and objectives and measures its own performance. The AUL chairs meetings and coordinates projects of the group. The outcomes of the meetings and projects shall be communicated widely. The group shall seek broad input on its activities; other library faculty and staff may be invited to attend meetings as appropriate. The AUL ensures that the charge is reviewed annually and updated as needed.

Appendix 1: Members' Work Commitment and Accommodation

Members' participation in the Collections Analysis Group is a significant part of their primary job responsibilities and shall be evaluated as such during all appropriate performance reviews. Because membership in the group represents a substantial work commitment, unit directors are expected to accommodate the workload requirements for participating library faculty and staff.

(Approved by the University Librarian's Cabinet on March 22, 2016)

Last updated: June 6, 2017
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