Minutes of February 9, 2000 meeting

Mary Brodman, Ines Gessner, Helena Fu, Marilyn Herod, Christopher Lee(recorder), Jeff Teichmann, Penny Weniger
Kathleen Kammerer, Andy Martinez, Matt Spaventa

Discussion Topics Explored

A. Penny Weniger led the discussion on the acquirement of Newark's compact shelving. After some discussion all believed that the Chemistry library would benefit most from having compact shelving. Possible recommendations were put forth as to how this project would be handled. Suggestions ranged from temporary closure to consultation with design interiors. The outcome of this discussion resulted in a sub-committee, which includes Penny Weniger, Ines Gessner, Marilyn Herod and Jeff Teichmann. This group will also invite Mary Gadek to join this sub-committee. They will visit CHEM between 2-3 on February 16th

C. Jeff Teichmann led a discussion on bound periodicals that are missing. He wanted to bring it up to see what policy is and what other units do. Penny suggested that collection services meet with access services. Ines Gessner was appointed the designee to bring the two groups together.

D. Mary Brodman led the shifting discussion. Mary had many ideas and suggestions about the subject. One idea that I also favored was for the Libraries to hire people just for shifts, weeding projects and special projects. The library has a special project coordinator in Ines Gessner who could supervise such a group. These people would also be available to help out at the other units when staffing levels fall or extreme busyness occurs. Penny thought the idea was sound and that it should be developed into a proposal. Issues mentioned for the proposal included manpower and wording the document correctly according to our shifting policy. Penny and the group's discussion of the Douglass Reference shift concluded this discussion. The important question about 'where the librarians want to leave space in the collection', was discussed. It was agreed that they should be consulted. Mary Brodman, Penny Weniger, Jeff Teichmann and Ines Gessner will meet at Douglass between 2 and 3 on February 16th to examine the Douglass reference shift. After taking a visual evaluation they will proceed to the Chemistry library and join Jeff Teichman, Marilyn Herod and Mary Gadek to assess the Chemistry library situation. (ADDITIONAL COMMENT from P. Weniger: The date for the Douglass Shift meeting was changed to 2/17/00, 2pm. The Chemistry meeting remains as set - 2/16/00 at 3:00pm)

B. Future Projects that have been discussed are as follows:

Ines Gessner and Mary Brodman- shifting, weeding proposal for New Brunswick libraries.

Compact Shelving for Chem

Present and future shifts.


Mary Brodman

Mary brought up the subject of brittle and molded books. She briefly discussed the history project with the Annex. Mary was also concerned about the weeding of bound periodicals.

Helena Fu

Busy needs more help. East Asian library has been in existence for 30 years. This year is the anniversary.

Christopher Lee

Brittle Books -group suggested that we invite the university preservationist Kristen St. John to speak at our next meeting. (She has already accepted the invitation) Discussed Annex Project with Alex Book sale items can be sent to Alex.

Jeff Teichmann

Two shifts at LSM coming up soon a reference shift and a periodical shift. Discussed a Collection Management Proposal for entire shift. He also added that he will be attending a train the trainer workshop.

Marilyn Herod

Discussed evening duties

Ines Gessner

Discussed preparing a proposal for the comprehensive weeding of journals in Alexander and LSM. The LSM Supervisor job was reposted.

Penny Weniger, Coordinator

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