Minutes of March 8, 2000 meeting

M. Brodman, I.Gessner, M. Herod, C. Lee, A. Martinez, M. Spaventa, J. Teichmann, P. Weniger(recorder)
K. Kammerer, H. Fu



The meeting segment was brief due to Kristen St. John visiting the group to present various collection conservation issues. Before Kristen arrived, Weniger presented two publications she received from Farideh: "Disaster Planning and Recovery: A How-To-Do-It Manual for Librarians and Archivists" by Fortson and The Hennepin County Librarys' "Circulating Collection Management Manual". She will have the publications available for any group member interested in reviewing. They will be part of a assortment of collection management references for the groups referral.


LEE - Hired all new staff in the 1st week of training. Two new staff are working on the History project. A project began via a request of the History Department. Annex and Alexander are working jointly on the project. The result will bring all History materials (2,054 items) together and be housed in one location. The project will eventually include materials from all the Humanities focused libraries in NB. The database being used was initially created by M. Brodman and is located on the TSB T drive where it is accessible by both Annex and Alexander staff. Anyone interested in viewing the database, contact M. Brodman or or C. Lee for directions on how-to access it. C. Lee distributed a hardcopy of the document.

HEROD - Described the recent problem with termites at the Chemistry Library. The group decided that this was a good topic to present to Kristen St. John.

GESSNER - Beth Sawickie has been hired and is in training at LSM.

MARTINEZ - Presently working, when time permits, on a project of updating the 930 tags and ISSN# of bound journals and will soon start to barcode them. He just completed a similar project for current periodicals. WENIGER - described the imminent shift of the reference collection at Douglass. The shift will take place spring break week and will result in a consolidation and reconfiguration of this collection.

TEICHMANN - Marty Katz has been reassigned to LSM collection management. PW will send him an invitation to join the group and a CMFG group information packet.

SPAVENTA - Busy at Douglass on a shelf-reading project of the West Room.

BRODMAN - Information was already presented by C. Lee regarding the History Project and by P. Weniger regarding the upcoming Douglass shift.


After the round robin, Kristen opened an informational session on topics relating to collection conservation with an emphasis on mold. We had a very informative Q&A period with Kristen which included our questions regarding the termite infestation at Chemistry. Termites do not harm books, however, the fumigation processes may. Jeff pointed out that termite fumigation was done outdoors and so should have no effect on the collection. After Kristen finished, the group discussed the various topics presented. The issue of damaging materials left in returned books, e.g. paper clips (rust), post-it notes (harmful glue/paste), etc. lead the group to conclude that a informational hand-out in the form of a bookmark containing information on the damage these could cause a valuable collection, may be beneficial in terms of educating our users. These may help prevent future damage. A. Martinez agreed to work on a mock-up of one. P. Weniger will pursue the feasibility of acceptance NB wide of such a hand-out.

Many thanks to Kristen St. John for a informative presentation and to Chris Lee for prompting and arranging for her visit.

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