Minutes of June 14, 2000 meeting

J. Teichmann, C. Lee, P. Weniger, M. Brodman, A. Martinez, M. Katz (recorder)
M. Herod, M. Spaventa (vacation)



The group is down two members (CM Project Specialist and the Missing Books position at Alex). Interviewing for these positions are taking place and decisions on the successful candidates will be announced, probably by the date of our next meeting.

Group Assessment Survey

Andy received 6 (2 were not returned) completed survey forms and compiled the results. We fall in the "middle of the pack" or average when rating working as a team, team effectiveness, etc. Discussion ensued about what we might be able to do to raise our score. Penny assigned the group to bring comments and suggestions regarding this for continued discussion at the next meeting. The group found the team self- assessment an interesing excerise.

Preservation Bookmark

We talked about the look of our prospective preservation bookmark. After discussion and votes, we settled on our choice to be brought to the Coordinator’s Committee for their approval.

Missing books

A. Martinez talked about multiple library user accounts. He suggested that cleaning them up would be a good summer project. The group decided that such a project would be most practical in the branches, whereas the larger units would more realistically achieve results by cleaning up one user account at a time.

NB wide Replacement (Missing/Lost & Paid books) Policies and Procedures

Penny presented a project she is working on and asked for group input. We held a discussion on what kinds of cumulative reports should be requested and the procedures that should be followed when the reports are recieved. The searched reports will be sent to subject selectors for decisions on re- ordering. The policies and procedures will be presented to the Coordinators group for input, discussion and ultimately approval. The intent is that the "REPLACEMENT Copies Policies and Procedures" will be adopted New Brunswick Access Services wide.

Round Robin

Chris: Weeds of duplicate copies were being done; not yet finished.

Jeff: Still shifting Reference almost done; shift continuing in periodicals.

Andy: Barcoding bound journals; weeding copy 2's; offices painted.

Mary: Shelf reading; measuring; will shift 2A this summer for good "housekeeping" and to make room for the Rand Reports; new folio shelves were sent to Math; re-labeling main sorting shelves.

Meeting adjourned at 4:15 PM.

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