Minutes of July 12, 2000 meeting

M. Brodman, P. Weniger, A. Ramirez(recroder), J. Teichmann, A. Martinez,C. Lee, M. Spaventa, M. Herod, M. Katz

Penny Weniger opened the meeting as she introduced Ana Ramirez to the group. Ana Ramirez is the new missing books person of Collection Management at Alexander Library. Also, M. Brodman is the successful candidate as Special Projects Coordinator as well as continuing as Coordinator of Collection Management of Alexander Library. After the introduction and congratulations, Weniger announced that the annual report had been handed in. (THE FOLLOWING HAS BEEN ADDED BY P. WENIGER on 7/19/00) After finalization of the report, a copy will be dropped on the various T drives (in NB Col Mgmt folder) for group review.

The first discussion was initiated by M. Brodman regarding the water emergency that occurred two weeks ago at LSM. Brodman prepared a proposal detailing items that each library site should be equipped with in case of a water emergency. The proposal also contained a suggested list of issues that library personnel should be aware of if there is a water damage situation. A vote was taken among the group to decide on how the supplies were going to be acquired. It was decided that the proposal would be worked up to request all the items for each library except the heavy-duty plastic and fans. The last two items could be dependent upon the need of individual libraries. M. Brodman and P. Weniger will be in charge of this project.

To refresh water emergency information to NBL, as well as to share the experience the group gained from dealing with the LSM emergency, the group discussed re-presenting the water emergency demo. The group decided to revise and update the demo and present it again possibly in the winter. Further group discussion on this topic will continue at the next functional group meeting.

The next topic of discussion, presented by P. Weniger, was to revisit standard statistic reporting for missing books, stack checks, shelving, and shelf reading. The master worksheet that Jeff loaded last FY on the T drives was viewed and discussed. C. Lee volunteered to contact all the NB libraries/branches not represented to share CM standardization of stats recording as well as to gather information on individual unit statistic taking practices in order to reach a standard practice for all Rutgers New Brunswick libraries. Standard procedures on taking statistics will be finalized in next month's meeting.

The group discussed cm information sharing and the ability to garner any required consigns among NB units not represented in the group. The following members will be contact reps: Jeff Teichmann for Science branches-Physics, CAS; Mary Brodman - Art, Penny and/or Matt for Chang.

Round Robin

M. Herod - At Chemistry, busy assisting patrons with searching journals needed to complete their research and class assignments.

M. Spaventa - Starting a project on relabeling range guides at Douglass. Also pulling non-barcoded monographs, creating brief title records, working with Collection Services for full cataloging of the items.

C. Lee - Update on Annex renovations; should be completed within a year. Possible installation of freezers for freeze-drying books. Hired two new part time students.

J. Teichmann - Continuing the shifting of LSM Reference books and periodicals. Periodicals shifting is almost completed. Possibly sending journals for storage to Annex. Chosen to be a part of Time-track training. Currently waiting for in-transit list.

M. Katz - nothing to report

A. Martinez - Continuing bar-coding Math's bound journals project, almost finished with A's. Working with Sylvia on weeding c.2s.

M. Brodman - Alex's 2A has been completely measured in anticipation of the shift. Well into this shift and it is going well.

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