Minutes of August 9, 2000 meeting

M. Brodman, A. Ramirez(recorder), P. Weniger, M. Herod, J.Teichmann, M.Spaventa, C. Lee
A. Martinez and M. Katz



Penny Weniger opened the meeting with a few announcements. The first announcement was that the Alex CM Library Assistant III position has been posted. Mr. Haque, who used to fill the position has retired. When hired, this position will probably be joining the group as well as Alex's other vacant CM position, when it is filled (M. Brodman's previous job). Finally, Penny Weniger shared an article that Jeff Teichmann sent to her entitled "Shelving and Safety: an Overview". Penny will send copies to everyone for their files. The guidelines provided in this article will potentially serve as a future project for CMFG.

Statistics Reporting

The next item on the agenda was to discuss the finalization of NBCM statistic reporting methods. Chris Lee collected and presented to the group the different forms the New Brunswick branches utilize to collect statistics. Jeff Teichmann distributed a handout displaying the various spreadsheets he has set up on the T drive for statistic taking. The group went through each page and decided which columns would be added, removed, and kept. The following is a break down of what the group decided on:

Shelving Division Statistics:

-Total # of items shelved will be taken on a weekly basis not a monthly basis. In doing so, separate Shelving Sampling week stats no longer need to be taken. These stats can be reported to central RUL Admin by simply pulling them off the database.

-The columns for "# shelved" and "# reshelved" will be removed.

-Each library will record three categories for shelving statistics: circulating, periodials, and reference.

Shelf Reading Statistics:

-The column for "errors corrected" will be removed. The "errors corrected" column can be kept by the individual library if they so choose.

-Numbers of hours spent will be recorded

Searching Division Statistics: -All the various searching statistics methods will be kept as is. However, soon there will be a new "replacement" list added.

** The yearly statistics for shifting will be taken by hours per day.

-(In regards to the new "replacement" list. It will be much like the "missing list" but will include a listing of Lost/Paid items. The "replacement list" will be produced every four months, will be searched one last time by staff assigned to search Missing books, and forwarded on to the Selectors for decisions on replacements. As soon as the report citeria is established by Bob Warwick, the first list will be generated and the process will begin).

-Chris Lee will inform all of the New Brunswick branches of the new statistic taking methods and that the forms will be on line. Finally, the new statistic taking methods will be in place on the first of October. However, branches should be prepared to keep numbers as of September 1, 2000 and just back fill the statistics when the charts are ready in October. Penny assigned Matt to lend assistance to Jeff in making necessary revisions to the on-line stats database.

Water Emergency Equipment

The next discussion was initiated by Mary Brodman regarding the emergency equipment request she had brought up in the last meeting. Mary Brodman provided the group with a handout that included pricing, catalog info. and page number of the equipment that is to be requested. Upon reviewing the list, the group decided that there were a few more items needed. These items included surgical gloves, dust masks, utility knives, twine, and clothes line. The supplies will be requested for all units and branches. Major equipment such as fans and heavy duty plastic will be ordered according to the individual needs of each library. Penny Weniger will be in charge of sending an e-mail to all the branches asking whether they need fans or plastics. Finally, CMFG will handle disbursement and help unit staff make decisions on where to store the equipment. This will be done to encourage staff awareness of where to retrieve the supplies and to save valuable time and energy when emergencies occur.

Round Robin

M. Herod-Shifting and making more room for Bound Periodicals.

M. Spaventa-Finishing summer project of putting up new, correct range guides.

J. Teichmann-Almost done with the shifting of Periodicals and Reference. Still needs to put up stack guides and start shelf reading. Also attempting to buy new trucks.

C. Lee-Has ordered new wheels for old trucks. Sent approximately 1,350 Annex books to Alex for the history collection. Many books are being sent back because they are brittle and have to be reclassified. Possibly sending a set of Brittanica Encyclopedias from the Spader collection to Alex. Duplicate records of books at the Annex are being updated. One copy will be withdrawn and the other will be at the Annex.

A. Ramirez-Keeping up with the time consuming In-Process books.

M. Brodman-2A shifting is almost done. Currently working with Tech Services to put new history collection on line with complete records (Chris will volunteer with this process). The new history collection consists of four separate collections; Spader, Steton, Stevens, and Special collections.

A. Martinez (via e-mail)-Forwarded forms used to keep collection management statistics to Chris Lee. Needs a designated garbage can for water emergencies at the Math Library. Has not finished the copy 2 weeding project; still has two ranges on the second floor and two ranges on the first floor to complete.

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