Minutes of November 8, 2000 meeting

J. Teichman, C. Lee, M. Spaventa, M. Herod, M. Brodman, M. Katz, E. Yourstone, A. Ramirez(recroder), P. Weniger, R. Krack
A. Martinez (excused, TimeTrak), D. Bush (excused, ill)



P. Weniger started off the meeting by welcoming Enid Yourstone to the group. Enid joined NB Access Services-collection management at Alexander in late October. She is currently in charge of LSM and Alexander's Government Publications Collection.

P. Weniger also announced that she would be splitting her time up between Douglass and Alexander libraries. Her extension at Alexander is 2-7851 ext. 106, at Douglass 2-9411, ext. 12.


M. Brodman initiated the discussion regarding the water emergency kits. There is a discrepancy between the supplies that each library has and M. Brodman's record of supplies that was shipped to each library. A committee consisting of R. Krack, A. Ramirez, C. Lee, and M. Spaventa will go to each New Brunswick Library site to take account of the contents of each library's water emergency kit. Another problem that was brought up regarding emergency equipment was that the Chemistry library does not have space to store its kit. Some suggestions were made to solve this problem:

1. Store Chemistry supplies in SERC. The complication with this is that SERC is closed during the summer.

2. Store the Chemistry Library equipment in a custodian closet. The complication with this is that library staff may not be able to access the closet when custodians are off duty.

Jeff, as CM rep for the Science branches, will address the issue with Mary Gadek.

A updated and revised water emergency demonstration will be presented to all the New Brunswick libraries possibly around January 2001. Also, P. Weniger will bring in her water emergency information gathered from the water emergency presentation she attended at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Finally, a kit will be put together for Alcohol Studies Library.


J. Teichmann and M. Spaventa will soon be linking all the files in the statistics database. The linking of the files is near completion. M. Spaventa and J. Teichmann will draft a letter for P. Weniger's review and signature. This letter will give a brief overview and introduction of the statistics database to all the New Brunswick units/branches.


A. Ramirez brought in a handout outlining the missing books procedures of Alexander Library. It was emphasized that some detective work by all Circ desk staff MUST be done with the reporting patron before declaring a book missing. After patron review and IRIS and WorkFlows have been checked, the book should immediately be checked out to (MISS-LIB). Following this procedure, the stack search can commence. Finally, it is important to charge books out to (MISS-LIB) even if the patron does not want the item to be put on HOLD for them. A. Ramirez will compile a draft of standard procedures for missing books that all NB library units and branches can use. The approved procedure can then possibly be put on the NBL web page for staff to refer to.


J. Teichmann introduced the Stanford University Emergency Response procedures to the group as an example of what can possibly go into a NB Collection Management Manual. Alexander Library already has a Collection Management manual set up and updated. M. Brodman will bring the manual to the next meeting for group review and as a example. The group will begin discussion on a NB CM manual and compile information. It was suggested that the manual could include contacts/vendors (companies that aid in water and other emergencies even though the group does not have the authority to call in any of the listed vendors). The manual should also be worked on with input from Kristen St. John, Special Collections.


M. Brodman- Finished 2A shelf reading. Started shelf reading in Reference.

R. Krack- Glass on books from the 2B window shattering has not been cleaned up. (As the area has not been cordoned off and could be dangerous for both patrons and staff. P. Weniger will request that the area be secured and isolated from the general public; affected collection could be paged.

M. Spaventa - Will start a small shift in Douglass Reference.

J. Teichmann - Zeke has joined LSM and is helping out in RRS and Collection Management.

C. Lee - Pulled duplicates from Annex shelves. Is ready to weed out duplicates and delete duplicate items out of the Annex system. New students have been hired. Construction of the back bay will begin in March 2001.

A. Ramirez - Missing/Lost and Paid list second search done. List has been sent to Tracy Meyer.

M. Herod - Continuing to do shelf reading and shifting when needed.

E. Yourstone - Needs more Princeton files for LSM. Also needs more shelves in LSM's Govt Docs as new LCs are coming in that need room. P. Weniger, J. Teichmann, Enid and Mary B. will meet regarding this issue. P. Weniger will compose a proposal outlining the situation and necessary actions and will submit to Farideh Tehrani for approval.

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