Minutes of December 12, 2000 meeting

P. Weniger, M. Herod, A. Martinez, M. Spaventa, R. Krack, M. Brodman, A. Ramirez
M. Katz, J. Teichmann, C. Lee

Matt and Jeff have completed the stats project and stats introduction letter for branch managers. Collection Managemet campus liaisons will go to their assigned branches to introduce and explain the stats project to other branch managers.

Preparation of the Mid-year Report (what we have accomplished thus far)

CMFG Goals (to be accomplished in the next six months)

Round Robin

M. Spaventa - serving as Collection Services liaison at Douglass

M. Herod - Nothing to report

R. Krack - has good students in Collection Management

A. Ramirez - taken off circulation and shelving

M. Brodman - will bring in Alexander's Collection Management manual to next meeting

Next meeting

Wednesday, January 10, 2001, 2pm, Annex

Ana Ramirez

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