Minutes of January 10, 2001 meeting

M. Brodman, J. Teichmann, M. Herod, C. Lee, M. Spaventa, A. Ramirez(recorder), M. Katz, P. Weniger, R. Krack, D. Bush, N. Warren, E. Yourstone, A. Martinez



Nicole Warren has joined the Collection Management Funtional Group. She recently began working at Chang Library.

Diarl has returned from a three month illness and recovery.

P. Weniger handed out material from the water emergency workshop she attended in October.

Collection Management Functional Group will submit a proposal for the installment of shelves in the Gov Publications collection of LSM.

For the coming semester, the following CMFG members will take the minutes of the meetings:
N. Warren- February
C. Lee- March
M. Herod- April

In-Transit Reports

The last in-transit report was produced in September. The group has thought of ways to ameliorate the situation:

The issue will be brought up again in next month's meeting.

Update of Government Documents (E. Yourstone)

Water damaged items at LSM have been returned to the shelves.

New shelves will be put in for shifting of state materials (LSM).

It was suggested that the LSM Government Publications be color coordinated (maps, range finders, etc.) according to the Gov. Publications collection at Alexander. This will standardize these collections and aid patrons using the materials at both locations.

The LSM Gov Publications collection is rapidly growing. Therefore, more people will eventually need to be trained to work and shelve in Gov. Publications. Also, the Gov. Publications training will be put on Powerpoint to facilitate the training process.

The statistics taken for Gov. Publications at Alex and LSM will be as follows: books, reference, microforms, shelving. M. Brodman will add Gov Publication microform stats to Alex's collection management stats.

Round Robin:

A. Ramirez - Getting an increased amount of in-process books. Will bring in missing book procedures for next meeting. Would like to develop a web page with links to various water emergency procedures.

M. Spaventa - The leaks at Douglass have stopped.

M. Katz - waiting for in-transit list.

D. Bush - Learning more about the job. Is in the process of a getting a new computer.

R. Krack - Finished backlogged shelving at Alex. Doing a mini-shift on the 3rd floor. The PR and PS shift on the 3rd floor is done.

E. Yourstone - Suggested that older items be placed where the water leak in Gov. Publications occurred last. Volunteered to be called for a water emergency.

C. Lee - Contending with building issues. Had a small mice problem which is now resolved. Special Collections is getting rid of a lot of University Archives materials and weeding duplicates. Building will commence in late spring. Chris will need volunteers to help with shelving and moving of material in preparation for building. Ana volunteered. Discussion ensued re: group members participation. Alex staff and vouchers will lend a hand and will schedule with Chris.

M. Herod - shifting books to make more room for returns and Bound Periodicals.

N. Warren - Will eventually be shifting Bound Periodicals at Chang.

J. Teichmann - Shirley Lewis is helping Collection Management at LSM. A new voucher employee will be starting soon. An updated of the water demo was put on all the servers except Dana, which was glitching.

A. Martinez - RUNet 2000 will finish wiring soon.

M. Brodman - Over 33,000 books were shelved in the month of December.

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