Minutes of February 14, 2001 meeting

M. Brodman, C. Lee, M. Spaventa, M. Katz, R. Krack, E. Yourstone, A. Martinez, D. Bush, A. Martinez, M. Herod(recorder)
J. Teichmann, P. Weniger


Mary Brodman convened the meeting in P. Weniger's absence.


Mary reported for Penny that the status of the In-Transit report was discussed at the recent Access Services Committee meeting. The report will be produced shortly and the group should check for it on their T drives.

It was suggested that the group be notified by email regarding when the report becomes available.

Access Services and Collection Management Functional group would like to plan a baby shower for Christopher. He will let the group know when it will be an appropriate time for the family to attend.


The group toured the Annex. Christopher reported that the Annex will be closed during the summer for renovations to the back bay area. Along with general renovation work to the facility, additional multi- leveled shelving will be installed which will increase storage capacity. Christopher pointed out the stacks structure. He discussed work that needed to be done prior to the start of the project and asked for assistance with various tasks. Christoper mentioned that it would be an opportunity to learn new library skills.

Mary suggested that as a group project, members volunteer to spend at least one or two hours per week at the Annex to assist in some duties which include pulling duplicates, stamping material, updating on-line catalog records, etc.

Christopher suggested to sign up for training on a Tuesday or Wednesday and then decide which time is suitable to assist. The group should email Mary or Christopher regarding availability.

The group should email Mary or Christopher regarding availability to assist at the Annex.

(NOTE from P. Weniger--Group members should be advised that before volunteering to work at the Annex, group members will need prior approval from their Unit Supervisor or Branch Manager for leave time from their regularly scheduled duties.)


A. Martinez - It is quiet at Math. Nothing to report.

R. Krack - Busy at Alex. Shelving and working on a Government Publications Power Point training demo with Enid. Will give a presentation at next meeting.

M. Spaventa - Regarding the on-line database statistics. Presently, CMFG Branch Liasions have met with all the units/branches regarding reporting stats with the exception of Alcohol Studies and SMLR. The Missing statistics section of the database needs tweaking. Matt and Jeff have discussed the possibility of adding passwords when reporting stats. Updates on this aspect will be forthcoming.

C. Lee - Working on a few projects; removing duplicates, transferring books, and working on statistics.

D. Bush - Learing how to record Alex statistics except for shelf reading. Getting more acquainted with the shelving system. Attending computer training sessions such as Excel.

M. Katz - Split duties between working on RRS and Collection Services.

A. Ramirez - Doing in-process and two days helping Christopher with removing duplicate copies. Working on statistics.

E. Yourstone - Put new shelves up and moved other shelves around in LSM Government Publications to provide more room for the collection.

M. Brodman - Finished shelving reading room on 3rd floor and started on 2B.

M. Herod - Continued to shift Bound Periodicals.

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