Minutes of April 11, 2001 meeting

M.Brodman, C. Lee, D. Bush, E. Yourstone, A. Ramirez, J. Teichmann, M. Katz, A. Martinez, R. Krack, M. Spaventa, N. Warren(recorder), P.Weniger
M. Herod



Penny will be working at LSM generally Tues-Thurs, at Douglass Mon & Fri. -There is a possibility that the Water Emergency Demonstration will be posted on the RUL web pages. -During intercession a one day perservation workshop, "To Outwit Time: Preservation Technologies to Deal w/Brittle Paper" is being offered at two locations; Madison Public Library in Madison, NJ (5/23) or Camden County Library (5/24). Penny is exploring the possibility of group members attending.

Some of the units/branches are not reporting their statistics online. Penny will compose a memo to send out as a reminder.


The possibility that In-Process books be recognized as a Collection Management responsibility was discussed. The group concluded that by and large, it is a Collection Management issue. As most, if not all, units/branches work at this task, the info. should be added to the on-line statistics. Rob will work on adding an In-Process column to the online worksheet.

It has been noted that there has been an increase of food and beverages being brought in and openly consumed in the libraries. This is a concern of the group in terms of negatively impacting on the collections. A group memo will be drafted by Penny and sent to RUL Administration expressing our concerns. In an attempt to alleviate the problem, the CMFG will join with BSFM FG in as a possible joint effort to address the situation.

As many group members where not in the CMFG when the original site tours were conducted, it was decided that the group conduct site tours during the summer.

Chris & Mary continue work on an ongoing project. Duplicates from the Annex have been withdrawn  (online & paper). Originally there were about 1700, and now it's down to about one truck. Mary has been influential in spearheading student and some staff efforts on the project. Group members that have been to the Annex at some time to assist Chris include: Mary B., Rob Krack, Dairl Bush, Enid Yourstone, Ana Ramirez, Matt Spaventa, Marilyn Herod. Sometime in the future, Chris will be working on the consolidation of duplicates New Brunswick wide.

Discussed our accomplishments during the second half of the year (for the Annual Report)


Possible content areas: (Group-please continue to think of other inclusions. E-mail suggestions to Penny)

Penny will finalize the list, send to the group via e-mail and then the group will begin compiling information. Everyone is to bring the resources they have to the next meeting for comparison, etc.


Enid- is making progress with the shifting at LSM. Color coded stack guides are now up; shifting has been done from both ends.

Rob- getting a little busier at Alex, and they have lost a few employees. He has created a new LC Call Number Test online. Penny requested that he bring a copy to the next meeting for the group to take the test.

Mary- Shelf reading of 2B is going well; has been spending time at the Annex assisting Chris.

Nicole- Over Spring Break 2 projects were completed at Chang. The entire Stacks collection was shelf read. An inventory of the REF-REF FOLIO collection was completed. Dean produced a Sirsi Report listing item by item of the REF-REF FOLIO collection and were sorted by call#. For this part of the collection: 732 items were searched, 12 were reported missing. ( 1.6% of the collection), 1 was found in a subsequent search. It was interesting to see that the Reference collection has grown by 60 titles in one year and includes new titles purchased for CHANG and titles transferred from DGLSS & LSM. For the Spring 2000 inventory reported 26 items missing out of 672 searched (3.8%), cleaned up 32 titles (4.8%). Our efforts to cleanup our online records paid off. We plan to inventory the STACKS collection this summer.

Matt- Itís been getting a little busier at Douglass, otherwise it's business as usual (shelving & shelf reading). Douglass will be having a book sale 4/16 & 4/17.

Chris- busy getting things in order at the Annex, for the May 15 deadline (in preparation for this summer's renovations).

Diarl- becoming more familiar with the LC call numbers as he loads trucks for shelving. Looking forward to working more on the computer, and will be taking some computer workshops/classes in the near future.

Ana- a increase in Missing Books, finding an increase in mistakes on the In-Process books.

Marty- has also noticed significant increase in In-Process errors; much more than usual.

Jeff- Continues to work on Shelving and Shelf reading.

Andy- Reviewed the series that were being paid on the MSSM fund code to verify that they were still valid. Went through about 90 series and closed about 30 that the Math Library no longer receives. Resolved Lost-Paid list. Deciding what to do with REF-PER (possible consolidation with REF collection this summer). Books from X collection have been sent to LSM to be cataloged. Completed about 50% of the A's in the barcoding of bound periodicals project. Space is tight, resulting in possible shifts being planned for this summer including shifting bound periodicals.


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