Minutes of May 16, 2001 meeting

M. Herod, D. Bush, R. Krack, M. Spaventa, C. Lee, M. Brodman, P. Weniger, M. Katz, A. Ramirez(recorder), N. Warren
J. Teichmann, A. Martinez, E. Yourstone



P. Weniger announced that J. Teichmann would no longer be a member of CMFG. He has accepted the Acting Supervisor I position at Alexander Library. Roger Smith will be taking Jeff's place at LSM as Acting Supervisor II with responsibilities for LSM collection management and as such will be joining the CMFG.

A. Ramirez has been reassigned to Douglass Library. She will no longer be a member of CMFG. Shirley Peck who is currently working at Douglass Library will be taking A. Ramirez's place at ALexander Library and will be a member of the CMFG group.

(NOTE from P. Weniger -- A BIG thank you to Jeff and Ana for their work with the group. We will miss them both [Ana's done such a great job of taking minutes] and wish them lots of luck in their new positions. WELCOME to the group, Roger and Shirley.)

A reminder: the preservation workshop is scheduled for Wednesday, May 23, 2001. The following CMFG members will be attending: A. Ramirez, A. Martinez, R. Krack, D. Bush, C. Lee, M. Brodman, and P. Weniger. The attendees will bring back information and new knowledge to share with the rest of the CMFG. The attendees will meet at 8:15 a.m. at Alexander Library and leave by 8:30.

The Annex will be closed for the summer due to construction. CMFG members may be called upon to help if an emergency situation develops treatening the collection as the construction commences.

P. Weniger has begun planning for the Math summer project with Andy and will update the group when more information is available. Site tours will begin in July. Planning the schedule will be a agenda topic for the next meeting.


The group will try to have a draft of the manual by the end of the summer. Members are to bring in information they feel should be included in the manual.


Alex - Caught up with all the shelving and back to the 24 hour turn around period. In the last two weeks approximately 21,453 books have been shelved.

Chang - No heavy book returns (approximately 30 books to shelve per day). Most incoming books were for other libraries.

Douglass - All shelving is caught up.

Chemistry - No backlog of shelving. Most incoming books are for other libraries.

LSM - Not backlogged; many returns are for other libraries.


M. Brodman - Shifting the 3rd floor (from Pr-Z, JUV, ED-LAB, and Folio). Measuring has already started.

N. Warren - Going through current periodicals to find what is missing. Deans runs reports with pertinent information (i.e. author, title, barcode). Reports are used to check the books for accurate information.

C. Lee - Has found out where the rest of the Annex staff is going for the summer. Everything from the back bay has been integrated back into the stacks. Chris will be at Alexander for the summer. Some physical shelving is left and has to be out by June 15th. Special Collections has removed much of their shelving.

M. Spaventa - Caught up with shelving. Will start a few summer projects and do some shelf reading.

R. Krack - Started measuring for 3rd floor shift. Currently working on the history project again; almost done. Caught up with shelving. Will possibly organize sheving parts in BB.

A. Ramirez - Noted decrease in the amount of In-Process brought up from Collection Services. Many reference books coming in lately. Also a decrease in missing book forms and items on missing book lists. All stats up to date.

M. Katz - Also has noticed a decrease in In-process books.

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