Minutes of July 11, 2001 meeting

N. Warren, M. Katz, R. Smith, P. Weniger, M. Herod, R. Krack, D. Bush, M. Spaventa
E. Yourstone-excused, S. Peck-vacation, C. Lee-excused/coverage problems, M. Brodman-vacation, A. Martinez-excused/coverage problems



The group welcomed our new member, Roger Smith.

Penny reported that some units are not recording Missing in the statistics database. This may be because people are not sure what to report. What should be reported are statistics from Missing Book Lists, including the number of items searched and the number of missing items found (it is not necessary to record items found on 2nd and 3rd searches-just grand totals of numbers searched and numbers found). It is also requested that the numbers of stacks check searches be reported in the area on the database dedicated to this effort. A discussion of the statistics database ensued. This year units will begin to report In-Processing statistics in the newly added section of the statistics database. The group discussed the possibility of units reporting time spent shelving, shelf reading and shifting. But it hasn't been decided what the best way to do this would be. Matt and Rob will work together to edit the database in preparation for reporting the new fiscal year's stats. They will also create a column on the shelf reading statistics database for reporting the numbers of books that were re-shelved and the amount of time spent re-shelving.

Marilyn expressed concern about the crowding of Chemistry's collection and asked for an update of the acquisition of Newark Law's compact shelving project. Penny responded that there is no new information on this project at this time.

Annual Report Draft Review

Copies of a draft of the Annual Report were distributed. The group reviewed the draft and made suggestions, additions, etc. Of particular interest to the group was graphs and charts showing the shelving statistics of the New Brunswick libraries. It was noted that we had a productive year and completed many of our goals. Penny will complete the report to include the groups' input.

LC Call Number Testing

Penny, Matt and Rob distributed different copies of LC Call number training documentation. The group took a challenging version of a call number test, designed by Rob. He will forward the answer key to us later, but it was decided that the test might be too difficult for newer students, but may be a good test for voucher staff. Roger suggested using WebCT as a way to test students that would allow score keeping, and the existing Power Point Presentation could be used as a supplement. We will decide at a future meeting what we will use as a New Brunswick wide standard for LC call number training and testing and for inclusion in our manual.

Site Tours

The group will meet July 18 at LSM to tour the branch libraries on the Busch Campus (Chemistry, Center for Alcohol Studies, Math, Physics).

July 25 the group will meet at LSM to tour LSM and then Kilmer.

The tours of Chang, SMLR and Douglass scheduled for August 1 has been rescheduled for August 8, as some of the group members will be attending a workshop. This tour will replace our regular monthly meeting.

August 15 the group will tour Art and Alexander. This tour will be the final site tour.

Round Robin

Nicole - Some of the transfer from Douglass to Chang has been completed, and required very little shifting. Chang expects to receive additional items (the Landscape Architecture Collection, and a new Entomology Collection) before the start of the fall semester. There has been an increase in In-Process books. Of the 6, 045 items searched during inventory in May, 81 books were reported missing, 30 of those 81 were found later.

Matt - Collection Services personnel are still at Douglass regularly removing items from the collection to transfer to new locations. Has been busy searching books on the In-Transit report.

Marty - Has been working on the searching books on the In-Transit report, roughly 700 pages. It is expected that completion of this project will require a great amount of time, as he must juggle that along with RRS duties. Perhaps once students return in the fall, they can be responsible for searching as well. Disappointment in the format of the list was expressed. Possibly due to the system downtime, there has been a decrease in In-Process books

Roger - Has been spending time with Enid familiarizing himself with Gov Doc and Su Doc systems and procedures. He also is now current with keeping statistics.

Diarl- An interest in working with Gov Docs was expressed, and he will begin by acquainting himself with the SuDoc power point presentation. This learning opportunity is welcomed, although it will be a challenge, as the SuDoc classification system is complicated and not similar to the LC classification system. There was an increase in shelving as a result of the downtime, however the small backlog is now complete.

Marilyn - End of the year book return has increased the number of items in the circulating collection, causing more crowding in the stacks. The bulk of Chemistry's summer patronage seems to come from a class that is being held in the auditorium across from the library, otherwise it's fairly quiet.

Rob - Shifting on 3rd floor is still in progress. Sarah Harrington, the new Art librarian, came to Alexander to learn about shifting procedures and to become familiar with CMFG's shifting database. Alexander's CM staff have measured the Art libraryfor an upcoming shift. The Alexander statistics page has been reset in preparation for the coming year's reporting.

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