Minutes of September 19, 2001 meeting

M. Herod, R. Krack(recorder), M. Spaventa, M. Brodman, M. Katz, A. Martinez, P. Weniger, E. Yourstone
C. Lee, D. Bush, S. Peck, R. Smith
N. Warren



Penny announced the fall meeting schedule for CMFG.

The meeting dates are set for:
October 11th
November 14th
December 12th.

October and November's meetings are scheduled at SMLR at 2 p.m. The December meeting will be a luncheon meeting held at On The Border, 1 pm.

Penny updated the group on the most recent CM project at the Math Library to replace the old, no longer repairable current pers wood shelving at that location. Slanting current pers shelving not needed by Chemistry could be recycled and put to good use at Math. As a result, the shelving was sent to LSM for temporary storage and ear marked for use at the Math Library. Library Interiors was contacted regarding the project and submitted a bid to move the shelving from LSM to Math, cut it to size and install. Material Services was scheduled to remove the old wood shelving and is now ready to proceed with this aspect of the project. Andy shared with the group his plans to have the current periodicals available to patrons while the old shelving is removed and the new shelving is delivered and assembled. The group discussed his plans and offered suggestions. When the project is completed, a major shift of the Math Pers collection will be necessary and will be planned and tentatively scheduled for during winter interssion.

Level 3 at Alexander is quickly running out of collection space. In an attempt to prompt a weeding project, Mary and Penny decided to try the idea of making a visual impression. The duplicate copies were laid on their side to illustrate how much space they occupied. Penny submitted a proposal to Farideh Tehrani requesting support for a weeding project on this level. This led to a group discussion regarding what could be done with old, fragile and valuable duplicate copies that Special Collections would not accept. There was no concrete resolution without a comprehensive Preservation Program. The group reiterated and emphasized the very real need for such a program at RUL and discussed the proposed Preservation program prepared by the Perservation Planning Task Force. Their report has been presented and is being discussed at Cabinet level. The group fully supports the report and the task force's mission.

Group discussion led to the increased Collection Development budget and how a percentage of it would impact on the number of new incoming books this fiscal year, and the implications this would have on NB collections in terms of the tight space conditions of the existing collections.

Summer Site Tours

Each member turned in a small statement regarding their impressions of the NB Libraries toured during the Summer. A Site Tour Report is being formulated. A draft copy of the report will be forwarded to the group for input. The finished product will be forwarded to Farideh. The group felt that the tours, gives a more informed view of NB collection management issues. A brief discussion ensued regarding needs and potential improvements to NB libraries and branches. The discussion lead to the possibility of the group applying for grants to address NB collection management issues. Penny will discuss the feasibility with Farideh.

In-Transit Test Lists

While a majority of the group favored the test reports Dean ran for the group, Mary suggested that we use a much simpler format for In-Transit lists, There was information regarded as unnecessary to searching processes, e.g.charged/due line; renewed/renewals/location line; recalled/recall notices/library line. Elimination of these lines would create a more compact report. Penny explained that the test lists were created in REPORTS and some of the information may not be removable from the records in the REPORTS format. Andy asked that we keep the "In-Transit to:" data on the lists. All agreed that having two lists (In-Transit TO and In-Transit FROM) was preferred. Marty asked that we add the Material types (Stacks, Folio, Ref etc.) to the records, and everyone agreed. Andy also mentioned receiving the In-Transit list through e-mail instead of via T-Drives. We also discussed the Lost-Paid lists and their relation to the In-Transit and Missing Books lists. It was made fairly evident that most people were in favor of charging out in-transit books not found to MISSING. Marty brought up the point about charging other libraries materials to Missing and claimed he felt uncomfortable charging an item to other units Missing user when it could be sitting on a shelf at its home library. Some group members felt this may not be a problem as these items would then appear on that unit's MISSING list, would be searched and if found, discharged from MISSING. The impact on the user as to the "real time" of needed items needs to be reviewed. However, the benefit would be the discharge of these items from the In-Transit user (and the removal of these items from future In-Transit lists). In-Transit items can not be requested by users needing the items. However, users can request ILLs on items charged to MISSING. Removing item holds was brought up. This was followed by some discussion on the Trap-Hold function, which we agreed could not be considered a factor until it was up and running. The group decided that we would recommend that In-Transit lists be printed once a month and searched at least once. This led to a discussion of In-Transit procedures which are sketchy. Andy was put in charge of outlining possible In-Transit procedures and forward to the group for their input. The finalized outline and recommendations for the appearence of future In-Transit lists will be forwarded to the ASC for discussion and potential approval for system-wide procedures.]

Round Robin

Mary: Completed the Shift and Shelf reading on the 3rd floor. Shelf reading and some mini shifting in the Basement. Helped to update the History Project list. Helped LSM box periodicals to be sent to Africa.

Rob: Updated the History Project list, worked on 3 and now in the basement.

Marilyn: Stacks are tight. This summer, as most of the collection had been returned, every time we shelved, mini shifts were necessary.

Matt: Douglass is working on numerous weeding projects. Waiting for the D-21 project to start in May.

Andy: Finished bound periodical list. Made some dummy blocks for the title changes and is waiting for more supplies in order to make more. Planning to consolidate Ref-Per into Ref. and then shifting it.

Marty: Received the large backlog of In-Proccess items from TSB.

Enid: Finished shifting and color coding at LSM. Alex's Gov Doc's is fine.

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