Minutes of October 10, 2001 meeting

A. Martinez, S. Peck, M. Brodman, P. Weniger, R. Krack, R. Smith, C. Lee, M. Spaventa(recorder), E. Yourstone, M. Herod, M. Katz
N. Warren, D. Bush
N. Reichardt



Penny informed the group of Preservation and Collection Management web-sites available through links  on the Libraries homepage. Instructions  on  how-to  access:  Under  IRIS--Click  on:  Electronic  Reference Sources-->Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, Almanacs-->Subject Dictionaries-->Bookbinding &  the  Conservation of Books

Another good site to visit is CoOL (http://palimpsest.stanford.edu) Conservation OnLine: Resources for Conservation Professionals

In-Transit Procedures

The group discussed a set of procedures provided by Andy. The following DRAFT procedures were agreed upon.

1) Search for items on each list at least once:

2) If items are not found:

3) Record and report statistics.

Penny will present the topic to the Access Services Committee and request that Systems run two IN- TRANSIT lists each month for each unit. Send via e-mail. One report will list item's IN-TRANSIT TO your unit, the other listing item's IN-TRANSIT FROM your unit, in call number order.

CM Manual

Mary B. and Penny will work on a draft of a chapter on training and present to the group at our next meeting. The group will discuss and finalize for inclusion in the manual. In the future, group members will follow suit by working on various chapters. These procedures will be followed to complete the manual. Rob volunteered to work on the section dealing with shifting. Nick and Roger are working on a training manual for Gov. Docs to be included in the final CM manual. Penny expressed her desire that the manual be near or at completion by the end of this FY.

Preservation Awareness

The latest project the group will work on is a campaign on how to raise library staff awareness of Preservation issues. They discussed ways of educating both staff and patrons about proper handling of library materials. Penny suggested submitting an group authored article to the Agenda to help staff by pointing out proper book handling. Marilyn suggested submitting a monthly "helpful preservation hint" to appear in the Agenda. The group discussed the possibility of setting up displays (like those Roger noted were formerly located in the Art library) at all of the big four units. Possibly in the lobby or at/near the Circ desk.

Round Robin

Marilyn - Checkouts are somewhat alleviating space issues in the stacks at Chemistry library.

Andy - New shelves are coming on or about 10/29. Continuing to barcode and catalog Ref Pers as Ref.

Shirley - Alexander is receiving a lot of new books and is currently in the process of shifting.

Mary B. - Working on the history project

Rob - Three "mini" shifts are ongoing on 2B. A shelf-reading "mini" shift has also been completed in the basement.

Roger - Instituted a new shelf reading system at LSM and is working on a shift in Ref.

Chris - Shelves are being installed in the back bay at Annex. He is concerned that the new shelves will not be sturdy enough to handle the heavy load. Currently working on the Douglass Re-con project.

Matt - Selectors for Douglass are working on a weeding project. The Collection Rationalization Project is weeding materials from Ref and the science sections.

Nick - Learning Gov. Docs methodology. Working on Gov. Docs training procedures which will be available online as well as in hardcopy.

Enid - Training Nick.

Marty - Things are running smoothly at LSM and they are receiving lots of new books.

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