Minutes of November 14, 2001 meeting

M. Herod, R. Krack, M. Spaventa, M. Brodman, M. Katz, A. Martinez, P. Weniger, E. Yourstone, S. Peck, D. Bush, A. Ortiz, C. Lee,
R. Smith
N. Reichardt



Penny announced that Enid has postponed her retirement and will remain with us until possibly early Spring 2002.

Asuncion Ortiz was welcomed back into the group.


The In-Transit lists proposal to the ASC has been accepted. Judy Gardner will work with Chris Sterback and Dean Meister on the lists criteria. However, there will be two monthly reports to search. In-Transit TO the unit as well as a listing of In-Transit FROM the unit. Dean visited the meeting briefly to bring the group a draft of how the lists will look. Group concensus was that the example was a great improvement and will be more efficient to work with.


Training draft: Mary and Penny presented drafts of information to be included in the manual: a narrative on Personnel Training; a illustration of CM terminology for SHELF, SECTION/FACE, RANGE and the ANATOMY OF A BOOK; explanation of the Library of Congress Classification System; a call number test; illustration of proper book truck loading and an illustration of correct shelving techniques. Shifting draft: Rob presented a comprehensive explanation with examples of correct shifting procedures. Also included, explanations on shifting measurements; a shifting data template; example of a shifting database. The group discussed the feasibility of burning a CD to be included with the manual which could contain: the Water Emergency demo, shifting databases, the PowerPoint training tool, statistics database, etc.

Next assignments:
Gov Docs/SuDocs - Nick and Roger,
In-Process/In-Transit/Withdrawals - Andy,
Missing books - Shirley,
Glossary of commonly used terminology - Penny.

These will be presented to the group for discuss at our January meeting.


Mary: Everything at Alex is status quo and moving along.

Rob: Shelving is up to date and on schedule.

Marilyn: Stacks space is loosing up.

Matt: Douglass is working on numerous weeding projects and a recon project. Waiting for the D-21 project to start in May when Douglass will be busy with shifting/moving.

Andy: 90% completion of the current pers shelving project and hopes to complete late Spring semester. Will do a shift this summer.

Marty: Inconsistency of receiving of In-Proccess items.

Enid: Working on a few long delayed projects.

Asuncion: Working on new range guides for KLMR. Alex offered help with this if needed in terms of sharing the computer template that is used at Alexander.

Chris: Dividing his time between ANNEX for RRS and Douglass on the Recon project. Relieved that his concerns regarding the new shelving at Annex has been addressed. The shelving will be reinforced.

Shirley: Making more room for J's

Next meeting will be over lunch at On The Border, 12/12, 1pm.

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