Minutes of January 9, 2002 meeting

Penny Weniger, Roger Smith, Matt Spaventa, Diarl Bush, Martin Katz, Marie Brodman, Andres Martinez, Shirley Peck
Marilyn Herod, Enid Yourstone, Nick Reichardt

The only major announcement was Penny's immanent departure. On behalf of the entire group we wish Penny the absolute best in her new endeavor. We will strive to continue the goals developed together, and we thank her for her excellent leadership through the years. Best wishes!

The group then launched into a discussion of the various sections of the Collection Management manual we have been working on. The first section on the agenda, Government Documents, will wait until the next meeting when Nick is present and Roger and Nick have time to bring their efforts together into a single presentation. This will include an electronic version as well as a paper copy.

We moved on to Andy's presentation of In Process/In Transit. We started by defining In Process as any new item coming into the library that needs to have it's record edited to reflect current location. We agreed to add a statement recognizing that different practices may be kept locally according to separate collection needs. For the In Transits, We also agreed to add a line reminding staff to check for the correct unit to ship items to when a hold exists on the item found and discharged.

We discussed the processing of CD's inserted into books. Some units leave the CD's in the books (such as LSM), while others shelf them separately, coordinating with reference (such as Alexander). These CD cases contain a separate barcode, and the CD is considered a separate item. A standardization of this process would be beneficial.

We discussed the distribution of in transit reports. Andy volunteered to check up with Dean on how we stand with establishing regular distribution of these reports.

The group briefly discussed withdrawing books. It was agreed that this process is rarely done, except for special projects. Smaller units often do this together with selectors. It was agreed that directions for this process should be included in a larger examination of weeding.

The next item of business was Shirley and Marie's review of missing books. Several items: were edited/suggested:

The group agreed to review the document again after revision, especially a clarification of the role of the missing book form and how many times it will be searched.

It also should include a document indicating where searched missing book lists should be sent for replacement; selectors? Reference team leaders?

To review the assignments on the manual:

Round Robin

Andy: New staff member at Math.

Shirley: Shelf reading progressing at Alex. Finding odds and ends and reporting to collection services as needed. Missing book list distribution much better.

Matt: Douglass library quiet during break, shelf reading.

Roger/Marty: Backlog of shelving at LSM of 2nd floor books, lack of students in December and over break. Roger and Nick working on Gov. Docs Manual. Marty reports distribution of new books from Collection Services more manageable.

Diarl: Will begin tomorrow on circ desk at Alex. Alex quiet for pick ups.

Marie: ½ of Z collection being withdrawn. Working with collection services to move books. The McDonald collection is being weeded by Joe Consoli. Collection will be housed in 2nd floor study room which the group visited. Books are not all cataloged and need to be put in call number order.

Future meetings

February 13th, SMLR, 2pm
March 13th, SMLR, 2pm
April 10th, SMLR, 2pm
May 8th, SMLR, 2pm
June 12th, Alexander, Hughes Room, 1pm

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