Minutes of February 12, 2002 meeting

Christopher Lee(recorder), Rob Krack, Roger Smith, Matt Spaventa, Diarl Bush, Marie Brodman, Shirley Peck, Marilyn Herod, Enid Yourstone, Nick Reichardt
Martin Katz, Andy Martinez, Asuncion Ortiz

Interim Chair: Marie Brodman


Enid Yourstone will be retiring on March 8th thus she will be leaving the Collection Management Functional Group. The group took a moment to wish her well.

Bindery is now going to be charged. Collection Services will handle charging and discharging of all bindery items. The Collection Services area did have a few issues pertaining to due dates. Roger Smith is their contact and training person for the people at LSM and Jeff Teichmann trained the people at Alex.

Mary also lead the group in a discussion about the Annex leak that occurred on January 31, 2002. Basically, there were several books sent to be freeze dried. Several others had the covers cut off and were fan dried. All of the books will be sent to the bindery.

Meeting Presentations

Nick and Roger presented the Government Documents portion of the Collection Management Functional Group Manual. This portion of the document comes as a result of Enid leaving and spending a great deal of time training Nick as the Access services Gov. Doc coordinator. The manual is also a web document. In the manual they presented floor plans of the Gov. Doc. area at LSM and Alex. There is procedural information, links to GPO publications, SUDOC classification and forms used by RUL staff, and RUL Gov. Doc. Publications.

The group discussed issues regarding the circulation of Government Documents. There were a few issues in the document that are going to be revised, these issues will probably be revisited. Nick and Roger also provided a link to this document.

Shirley Peck covered and presented the missing books procedure for the manual. She presented a paper document that is really self-explanatory.

Rob Krack presented the Table of contents and requested access to some of Penny's files regarding the manual. After the group discussed the issue some changes will be made to the table to put everyone on the same page.

Round Robin

Shirley: Discussed new books

Matt: Discussed the Douglas reference shift

Roger: LSM has been quiet, a shift has been conducted in reference. Trying to encourage shelf reading amongst students.

Diarl: Shelving and working circulation at Alex.

Rob: Weeding and Map cases

Marilyn: Stacks are tight

Nick: Continue working on Gov Doc Manual

Chris: Discussed leak damage.

Assignment for next meeting

CMFG Manual

Marilyn Herod - reporting on Shelf-Reading

Future meetings

March 13th, SMLR, 2pm
April 10th, SMLR, 2pm
May 8th, SMLR, 2pm
June 12th, Alexander, Hughes Room, 1pm

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