Minutes of March 12, 2002 meeting

D. Bush, M. Gadek, M. Herod, M. Katz, R, Krack, C. Lee, E. McElroy, A. Martinez, A. Ortiz, S. Peck, N. Reichardt, M. Spaventa, and J. Teichmann.
M. Brodman and R. Smith


Old Business

CS charging and discharging bindery items. This new process appears to be working smoothly. Andy brought up some concerns over problems in newly created journal records. He mentioned it would help to have a list of CS staff contacts for each branch library so that the correct person can be contacted with questions. Jeff will request a list from CS.

CM FG manual

Rob and Marilyn presented two more sections of the manual - Shelf Reading and Statistics. The group scanned the shelf reading document and provided suggestions. Marilyn will incorporate these and either send the new version to the group or let us know where it can be found on a T drive. The statistics document was quite lengthy, so the group decided to read it over at a later time and forward suggestions / corrections to Rob.

The group discussed how the manual should be set up and revised the table of contents portion. The remaining sections are assigned as follows:

New Business

Bindery Procedures - monographs. Jeff reported that Alex CS has indicated they are swamped with projects at the moment and are requesting a slowdown or holdback of monographs for the bindery. Jeff will meet with Ian and Gracemary to discuss and determine a plan of action. He will report back next meeting.

Mid-Year report - Ann has requested a short mid-year report from all the units and functional groups. It is to list the 3 most significant achievements of the group/unit and the 3 most pressing projects the group/unit has pending. This was discussed and decided on as follows:

Achievements Pending Projects
FG Manual Producing CD or web based versions of the manual
Site Tours Producing a workable In-transit list
Gov Doc Manual New CS User project

Jeff and Mary will produce the report and send copies to the group.

Information Sharing

Action Items (to be completed or reported on for next meeting)

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