Minutes of September 11, 2002 meeting

D. Bush, M. Brodman, M. Gadek, M. Herod, M. Ingegno, E. McElroy, A. Martinez, S. Peck, N. Reichardt, M. Spaventa, J. Teichmann, and D. Wilson.
R, Krack, M. Katz, N. Warren

Jeff Teichmann called the meeting to order at 2:00 P.M.


Old Business

CM Manual

The manual is in the final draft stage. A subcommittee consisting of: Mary Brodman, Megan Doyle, Shirley Peck and Matt Spaventa will meet to approve the final draft. When completed the draft will be distributed to all NBL units in paper and CD formats. In addition, Roger will format the document for web use and it will be posted on the NBAS web site.

Collection Management Statistics

Statistics files for each NBL unit have been prepared for the new fiscal year, customized to each unit's specification, and filed on the DGLSS T-drive for access. Staff new to CM or units will look over the statistics files and let either Jeff or Matt know if they need any further customization.

Annex Transfer Project

With the renovations to the Annex nearing completion, a project was begun over the summer to begin weeding NBL collections and transferring last copies (in RUL system) to the Annex. In addition, with the D21 project proceeding at Douglass, the collection there was heavily weeded and many items earmarked for the Annex. At this time, items requested for transfer to the Annex are being checked to determine last copy status and when the shelving is ready they will be coded and placed on the shelves.

Preservation Information Projects

Mary Brodman brought forward a new project for the group to embark on once the manual is finished and distributed. The group should design a display outlining the effects of food and drink on our collections. While this is not a new idea, it has been awhile since such a display was done. We could design a 'movable' display in that it could travel between the larger units (space permitting) on a monthly basis. In this manner it would remain 'fresh' to the patrons passing through the unit and not become 'old and tired'. Also, the group had worked up a bookmark describing the problems food and drink can cause to our collections, but it never appeared as a bookmark of the libraries. Mary and Jeff will investigate these ideas with Farideh.

Long-overdue In-transit items

Information Sharing

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